Wednesday, June 16, 2021


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Seasonal allergies happen at certain times during the year usually it happens when trees , grasses etc releases tiny pollen particles in the air which is to fertilize other plants . Seasonal allergies are also called hay fever .

Symptoms of seasonal allergies are :


Watery or itchy eyes


Coughing or wheezing

Ear congestion

Also people who have asthma and are having hay fever may suffer asthma attack .

Causes of seasonal allergies :

When your immune system experiences an airborne thing which is usually harmless . So our immune system reacts by releasing some chemicals in your blood . Thus , these things produce an allergic reaction . Spring , summer , winter are responsible for seasonal allergies .

How to treat seasonal allergies :

Try to keep your windows .

Avoid going outdoor or limit your outdoors .

Also always wear a mask when you are going outside .

Also try to avoid smoking cigarette .

If the symptoms are severe then always contact your doctor as the doctor may recommend certain medications such as allergy shots etc .


Seasonal allergies can be mild or severe . Some do not suffer much from the allergies but for others it can be really unpleasant . Also if you are only trying home remedies but it isn’t working then you must consult a doctor because medications can help you ease the problems caused by the allergies .

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