Monday, June 14, 2021


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Have you ever felt uncomfortable in  your body or wish if you could change something about it too or someone commenting something inappropriate about your body ? well , you are not alone . People think that once they achieved the perfect body they want it will make them  feel better .

What is negative body image :

feels dissatisfied with their body .

lacks confidence .            

compares themselves with others and feeling bad about themselves .

judge themselves and constantly see their body parts such as nose , legs etc .

sometimes negative  body image can lead to mental health issues and can lead to depression .

How to improve body image issues :

Do not compare yourself with others .

Try to live a healthy lifestyle and eat a nutritious diet .

Spend time with people who are positive .

Appreciate your body .

Try to look beyond these beauty standards .

Practice positive self talk .

Try to keep a healthy weight as it helps you feel good about yourself .

What should one need to do about body image issues and improving self esteem :

Sometimes , constantly dealing with body image issues and self esteem problems can be difficult . It can even lead to problems related to mental health and can lead to stress and depression . If you are feeling low about yourself it is good to consult a therapist and tell them what you feel . It may help you feel better . Also a person  who has a positive body image can feels confident in their own body and believe in themselves .

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