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Generally kids fall asleep fast . But sometimes it can take a while to settle down and if the child seems like they are having a lot of trouble sleeping , then it could be a sleep disorder .

Sleep disorder indicators :

if the child does not lies in bed for long and constantly demands for books , stories or wants to go to the washroom .

if the child does not get enough sleep at night and only sleeps for 2 – 3 hours maximum .

if the child snores loudly or complains about itchy legs etc .

How children should sleep :

0 – 3 months         

The sleep is very important if the child is between 0 to 3 months because it is important for growth and development of the child . That’s why babies only wakes up to eat and then sleeps again .

3 – 12 months

When the babies turns 6 months , they are more likely to sleep at night and try to wake up during the day . Also when they are about to turn 1 they sleep more soundly at night and takes one or two naps in a day .

Beyond the first birthday

After the babies turns 1 , they tends to take one nap instead of two naps a day . And as they reach the preschool years they tends to take naps even less .

Sleep is an absolute necessary for all of us but for babies it is even more important as it helps them in growth , development and learning . If you notice that your child is having trouble in sleeping and even after making certain adjustments the problem continue then you should must consult a therapist or treatment . 

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