Tuesday, June 8, 2021


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Alcohol addiction also known as alcoholism is a chronic disease . Alcohol addiction is the condition where one cannot control the desire to drink maybe because of their physical or emotional dependence on it .

Symptoms of alcohol addiction :

·     High tolerance of alcohol .

·     Increased stress , depression or emotional issues .

·     Heavy dependence of alcohol .

·     Avoid interaction with people .

·     Drinking constantly .

·     Poor performance in work .

·     Lack of energy in daily activities .

Health risks related to alcohol addiction :

·     increased risk of cancer .

·     deterioration of immune system .

·     may have vision problems .

·     sexual complications .

·     may develop diabetes or worsen  it .

Treatment for alcohol addiction :

Rehab – one of the most common we can say initial step towards the treatment for alcohol addiction is rehab .

Support groups – there are certain support groups which helps people with alcohol addiction . They try to create a environment where people with addictions can ease themselves . They also try some of their relatable experiences and how they got out of the addiction and also build some healthy friendships .


Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is one of the most serious issues . This not only decreases or damages one’s health but it can also lead to alcohol abuse . When people suddenly withdraw themselves from this thing is not good too they should do it under medical supervision. Also different people need different approaches to fight with their addiction . So one should understand what’s best for them and should try medications , counselling . 

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