Tuesday, June 1, 2021


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As the covid-19 pandemic looms over our head getting the vaccine dose now is more important than anything. Doses of Covishield and Covaxin are being given to citizens across the country. The government has thus created a website and established booking of slots for these vaccine dose, so all citizens can conveniently get vaccinated near their place without it being overcrowded.

Here’s how to book your own slot:-

Step 1: TO REGISTER- create an account on the government website www.cowin.gov.in.

Step 2: CREATE ACCOUNT- Enter your mobile number, you will then receive an OTP, enter OTP, click on verify and proceed.

Step 3: ENTER DETAILS- Click on the drop down box and choose a Photo ID Proof (Adhaar card, Pan Card, Voter ID). This Photo ID must be carried with you to the vaccination center. Enter your Photo ID number, Name, Gender and Date of Birth.

After this you will get your vaccination code, this code should only be shared to the health worker at the vaccination center.

Step 4:  ADD MEMBERS- Add and register 3 family members or friends (optional).

Step 5: SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT- click schedule button, enter your area Pin Code ( see vaccination centers in your area) or select your state and city from drop down (see all vaccination centers in your city).

Step 6: SELECT CENTER- The green box refer to the number of vaccine available in center while Red box indicates that center is booked and NA indicates that no vaccine are available.

Step 7: Time- Select the time slot from given option as per convenience and click confirm.

The appointment successful page will appear along with a confirmation message on your phone. Be on time for your vaccination. By getting a vaccine you save more than one life.

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