Saturday, June 26, 2021


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Nowadays people are obsessed about looking younger . wrinkles and sagging is common but there is so much more to aging well . Aging gracefully does not mean that you should look 20 something but it means that you should live your best life without any physical or mental stress .

Exercise : exercise is the key . Regulars exercise lowers the risk of diseases such as heart diseases ,cancer etc . Exercise also improves mood ,skin and also reduces stress .

Healthy diet : a good and balanced diet is the key to a healthy body . Your body reflects the food you eat so always try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables . Also you should avoid fats , oils and processed foods .

Get enough sleep : getting a good amount sleep is important for your mental and physical health . It is also important for skin too . Getting enough sleep improves focus and concentration , reduces inflammation and also lowers the risk of obesity .

Drink enough water : when you drink plenty of water it improves your energy levels and also brain function . It also improves your skin and reduces the sign of aging .

Limit alcohol consumption and quit smoking : smoking and alcohol increases the risk of diseases and it also cause premature aging .

Take care of your mental health : your mental health is as important as your physical health . Spend time with your friends and family as it reduces loneliness . You should also do things that you enjoy . Though it is important to spend time with others but it is also important that you should spend some time alone and practice mindfulness .

Though no one can escape aging but you can do some changes in your lifestyle that can help you to age gracefully .

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