Friday, June 25, 2021


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Tea and coffee are considered healthy beverages . It helps to boost mood , metabolism and also enhances mental and physical performance . Most people consume low to moderate amount of caffeine . However , high amount of caffeine can have harmful effects on the body. Here are several harmful effects of taking too much caffeine .

Insomnia : caffeine helps people to stay awake . But taking too much caffeine make it difficult to get enough sleep . Studies have shown that if you consume too much caffeine it is difficult for you sleep asleep faster and it also decreases the amount of sleep you get .

Anxiety : though low to moderate amount of caffeine is beneficial and it increases alertness but large amount of caffeine can lead to anxiety and nervousness .

Addiction : although caffeine has certain health benefits but it may be habit forming . And if you do not take caffeine for several days it may trouble you psychologically .

Fatigue or feeling tired : caffeinated beverages are known for boosting energy but indirectly it can lead to fatigue when it’s effects starts to wear off . So one should only consume moderate amount of caffeine to rebound fatigue .

High blood pressure : When one consumes caffeine in high amount it tends to increase blood pressure . As high blood pressure is associated to various heart diseases so one should always consume it in low amount .

Though consuming low to moderate amount of caffeine is considered healthy but high dosage can lead to many health benefits . Though the effects caffeine holds can differ from person to person but if it is having adverse effects in your body then you must restrict your intake .

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