Sunday, May 23, 2021


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Lacto ovo vegetarian diet is a diet where the person eat animal products such as dairy and eggs . But they do not consume fish , meat or poultry .

People adopt lacto ovo diet due to many reasons such as environmental reasons , to reduce their intake of animal products or may be because of some health reasons .

Benefits of the diet :

Helps to reduce weight – As we know that vegetarian diet is high in fiber and low in calories which prevent overeating . Also vegetarian diet helps us prevent obesity and obesity related diseases . Thus lacto ovo vegetarian diet helps us maintain healthy weight .

Good for your heart – Meat , fish etc are high on cholesterol and fat thus are unhealthy for the heart and can lead to heart disease . On the contrary plant based diet helps to improve blood into the heart and reduces blood pressure which improves heart health .

May reduce the risk of cancer – Eating a rich plant based diet can helps us to reduce the risk of cancers thus vegetarian diet helps to reduce the risk of certain types of cancers .

Some foods one can eat :

Fruits (oranges, bananas, apples, melons) , vegetables ( spinach, broccoli, mushrooms) , eggs , dairy products such as ( milk, yogurt, cheese) , beans and legumes , almonds , walnuts , tofu , avocado etc .

The lacto ovo vegetarian diet overall increases one’s health as it reduces the risk of obesity , type 2 diabetes , heart disease etc . Also it is not just the diet but the way of living . It also leads us to eat more whole and unprocessed foods .  

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