Wednesday, May 26, 2021


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Well it is common to have lose interest in sex . It varies from  time to time . Low libido means having a low interest in sexual activity . As it is common but having a low libido for a long period of time may be concerning as it may indicate a declining health condition .

There can be many reason to have a low sex drive such as :

Illness – if a person have some chronic illness such as diabetes , high blood pressure , obesity , high cholesterol , heart condition or anything they may not feeling well due to the effects the illness holds . So one should consult a doctor or the sex therapist .

Low level of testosterone – As it is one of the important part of the male’s body . So if one has low level of testosterone in their body so it decreases body mass and can also effect sperm count . So it may affect one’s sex drive .

Alcohol or drug addiction – if someone has alcohol addiction or consumes drugs like marijuana or tobacco etc can deteriorate their health as it also reduces one’s sperm count and eventually results to having a lack of sexual desire .

Depression and stress – if the person is suffering from depression , stress or anxiety they may feel low about themselves as these things tends to affect our hormone levels . So they may lose interest in sexual activity .

So as we saw there can be many reasons for a low libido. If the reason is physical one should consult their doctors and take medications but if the reason is mental so try to reach out to your therapist for counselling . Also try to live a healthier lifestyle , get enough sleep and practice yoga .  

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