Saturday, May 29, 2021


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If the baby is gaining weight then maybe you are producing enough milk but if the baby is being fussy or wants to get nursed just an hour after eating then  may be your milk supply can be low .

Here are some of the reasons that can be the cause of low breast milk supply :

Hormonal problems – if you have some kind of hormonal problems such as diabetes , PCOS , high blood pressure etc . then you can have difficulty in conceiving . Also it contributes to low breast milk supply . You should consult doctor because treatment may help boost the milk production .

When you on some medications – when you are taking certain medications or herbs then may be you are producing less milk . So you should contact your doctor and try alternative medicines . Pumping can help building the milk production too .

Some sort of surgery – when you have undergone some kind of breast surgery then you may have difficulty in producing milk . Though the surgery can be due to both medical and cosmetic reason . But it may damage the milk ducts in the nipple . Also it varies from person to person of how much the procedures are damaging the milk supply .

 When and why you need to supplement breast milk :

When you are producing less breast milk supply , you will need to give the baby supplements too . One should also notice that this isn’t the permanent solution till your own milk production increases or the baby starts eating some solid foods . Also continue giving breast milk along with the supplement because if you stop breastfeeding then it may be an early end to the breastfeeding .

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