Wednesday, May 12, 2021


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People who used to live around the Mediterranean have followed a plant based diet which includes fruits , vegetables , whole wheat grains  etc . Studies have also shown that this diet is healthy compared to other diets . And it also has a lower risk of developing diseases .

What should we eat ?

One should eat fruits , vegetables , nuts , bread , potatoes , seeds , herbs , spices , fish , seafood , whole grains . Also one should not eat cheese , yogurt and eggs in moderation . And one should eat red meat rarely .

What we should not eat ?

One should not eat sugar concentrated foods. These include sugar sweetened beverages , processed meat , refined grains . Also foods with added sugar which are soda , candies , ice – cream , white bread etc .

 What should we drink ?

Water is very essential in Mediterranean diet . One should drink at least 7 – 8 glasses of water in a day . One can also drink red wine but only 1 glass a day . One can also drink coffee and tea . But drinks which are high on sugar concentration should be completely avoided .

 Here is the sample diet one can follow :

Breakfast – omelette with veggies , fruits or oatmeal .

Lunch – whole grain sandwich with cheese or some vegetables .

Dinner – A tuna salad , brown rice and vegetables , grilled chicken , a fruit for dessert .
 Following Mediterranean diet can be really useful . It also used to lose weight . It is also rich in proteins and minerals .

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