Tuesday, May 18, 2021


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Lacto vegetarian diet is a type of diet which includes all type of plant based foods such as fruits , vegetables , grains etc as well as it also includes dairy products such as milk , cheese , butter etc . We can also say that this diet is vegan but it includes dairy .

Here are some benefits of this diet :

Helps in weight loss – As the diet consumes fewer calories and more fibre thus it helps in weight loss . Also vegetarians tends to have a lower body mass index .

Good for your heart – As we know vegetarian diet does not contain more carbohydrates and also involves food which  are low in cholesterol thus it is beneficial for the heart and improves it’s health .

Maintains blood glucose level – As we eat more of green leafy vegetables , fruits , various grains etc in a balanced form this diet helps people who have elevated blood glucose level . As this diet provides us healthy nutrients such as anti - oxidants , fibre , calcium etc . so it helps us to maintain the blood glucose level .

It may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer – As already proven that overall vegetarian diet is considered good as it provides the nutrients our body needs as well as protects our body from  several health problems . This diet can helps us to reduce the risk of breast cancer and colorectal cancer .

Some foods we can eat :

Apples , oranges , broccoli , coconut oil , almonds , walnuts , oregano , sunflower seeds , quinoa , tofu , pumpkin , peaches etc .

As this diet excludes eggs and meat , it may seem difficult for some people to adjust . Eggs are an important source proteins so a vegetarian person have to make sure to get enough protein from other sources .

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