Friday, May 21, 2021


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Whole food diet means eating food to their natural form possible . That means eating that one should eat whole grains / food instead of  processed foods whenever possible .

This diet mainly focuses on plant based foods that are effective in weight loss and improves overall health .

So basically whole food diet focuses on –

Avoiding animal products    

Includes more vegetables and fruits in your diet

Excludes processed / refined foods

Pros of a whole food / plant based diet :

Good for your heart – the person who consumes a plant based diet have a lower risk for developing any heart disease in comparison of a non plant based diet users . As the foods are significantly low in cholesterol which is good for the heart .

It is high in nutrients – As this diet focuses more on fruits and veggies which provides a range of vitamins , proteins , healthful fats and minerals .

Helps in weight loss – As eating raw foods are usually low in calories but high in fiber so it tends to helps in weight loss .

It also has other benefits such as –

Better digestion of foods

More clearer and smooth skin

Also one feels more energy

Some foods one can eat :

Raw fruits and vegetables

Coconut oil

Raw nuts and seeds

Nutritional yeast

Sea weeds and dried fruits

Some foods to avoid :

Processed foods


Fish and eggs

Should we follow whole diet plan or not :

As eating plant based diet does not have any specific health risks also it cuts out unhealthy foods such as added sugar and refined grains . And also it reduces the risk of certain cancers , diabetes , obesity etc . A plant based diet is sure to boost your overall health . 

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