Thursday, May 20, 2021


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Gluten free diet is the type of diet that excludes gluten entirely which is a mixture of proteins found in wheat , barley , rye and oats .

Why gluten  diet isn’t healthy :

Some people who suffer from celiac disease ( it is an autoimmune disorder ) gluten can really trigger their immune system and can damage their inner lining of small intestine .

A person with  celiac disease who continue to eat gluten can cause health complications such as anemia , osteoporosis , infertility and some deficiencies . Also if the person have gluten sensitivity can have joint pain , headaches , brain fog etc .

Why gluten free diet ?

As gluten free diet is particularly designed for people with celiac disease but people who does not suffer from gluten sensitivity also likes to follow this diet . People who does not have the sensitivity can follow this diet lifelong unlike the people who have gluten sensitivity as they can follow this diet for 1-2 years and then retest their sensitivity . Also by following this diet one can several health benefits such as improvement in athletic performance , weight loss , improves gastrointestinal health and improves overall health .

Some foods one can eat:

Eggs , seeds , legumes ,soy , fruits and vegetables , low fat dairy products etc .

foods to not eat:

wheat , barley ,oats , rye and corn which contain gluten .

Disadvantages of gluten free diet :

Though gluten free diet have many health benefits but it may not provide you the nutrients your body needs as whole grain wheat bread is rich in iron , calcium , fibre etc . Also one should notice that some gluten free foods contain more sugar than gluten containing foods so it is really necessary to read labels . 

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