Sunday, May 9, 2021


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Crying is welling of tears in the eyes in response to an emotional state , pain or physical irritation . A person can cry due to sadness , anger and even happiness .


But does crying have any health benefits ?

The answer is yes . Stated below are some health benefits of crying :

·    Relieves stress :

A person cry because of stress . Our tears contain number of stress hormones so when a person shed tears these hormones are released and a person feels  relaxed and relieved .    


·    Enhances our mood :

As it relieves our stress it also improves one’s mood . After crying a person’s mood is automatically enhanced and he / she feels light and cool .


·    It helps one to sleep better :

Crying helps a baby to sleep better . As we read earlier that crying releases stress and has mood improvement qualities . As after crying one feel light and sleeps better .


·    Helps self soothe :

Crying is one of the best mechanisms of self soothe . However one should understand it doesn’t soothes you immediately but it takes several minutes before one feels soothing effects of crying .

·    It restores emotional balance :

One not only cry if they are sad . A person may cry if they feel a sense of stress or scared or even if they are happy . One should notice that after crying one feels as emotionally stable . It maybe  our body’s way to recover from experiencing such a strong emotion .


·    It detoxifies the body :

When one shed tears it also cleans our eyes smoke , dust from our eyes . crying also lubricates one’s eyes and also protects it from certain infections .

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