Saturday, May 22, 2021


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We know that around 15 crore people in India are vaccinated . Though there are no severe health effects to anyone after vaccination but still people who are vaccinated have to follow certain precautions .

       Before you get vaccinated :

·    If the person have some allergies or Consume some sort of drugs then it is important to consult your doctor before. getting vaccinated .

·    People who have severe health problems such as diabetes , blood pressure or cancer should take medical advice .

·    Also one should not go empty stomach.  Also don’t forget to take good sleep a night before and stay hydrated before you go .

·    One should also maintain safety and social distancing while getting vaccinated and don’t forget to wear your masks.

·    Also after you are vaccinated don’t forget to keep all your records that you are vaccinated as you may need them in future .

After you get vaccinated :

·    After you get vaccinated they will observe you for 15 – 20 minutes  so see if you are having any reaction .

  The vaccine builds the immunity in our body to recognize and how to fight the  disease . Though it may take few weeks to build the immunity against the virus .

·    Also one should be prepared for any effects such as headaches , fatigue ,mild fever ,chills , diarrhoea or maybe joint pain etc .

·    Also please stay isolated for some days as it may protect you from the virus but you may spread infection to other people so it is better to stay isolated and continue to wash your hands frequently and wear a mask .

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