Friday, May 14, 2021


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Obesity is a complex disease involving an excessive amount of body fat . It is not just another disease but having excessive amount of body fat can lead us to other health problems such as high blood pressure , diabetes , heart diseases and also certain types of cancer .

How one can  determine if the person is obese or not ?

We can know if the person is obese if he / she has a high body mass index ( BMI ) . BMI is a tool to calculate body mass . If the BMI of a person is over 30 that means he / she is obese .


There can be several reasons for a person having obesity . Such as eating more calories than one burn can lead to obesity .

 Genetic – some people may have this disease in the hereditary

Not having proper sleep – not have proper sleep can lead to obesity as it can lead to hormonal changes .

During pregnancy – as during pregnancy women gain weight which is hard to loose which may lead to obesity .


When you are obese and  are unable to reduce weight you should always consult your doctor as obesity can be extremely harmful and can lead to certain health problems the longer the person has it the harder it may become  . Also one should try to make some lifestyle changes too that includes a change in diet , a healthy sleeping routine , regular exercises , etc . Also one should be bounded by a sedentary lifestyle which means sitting at a particular place for hours , not doing any physical activity etc . One should also notice that obesity is not a joke because the longer. 

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