Wednesday, May 19, 2021


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Insomnia is a health condition where the person is unable to sleep . This can be due to many reasons such as stress , anxiety , poor sleeping schedule , depression or just because of some medication .

Causes of insomnia :

1. Eating too late in the evening .

2. Mental health disorders .

3. Restless leg syndrome .

4. Stress or anxiety .

5. People who have health conditions such as        asthma or heart disease .

If one have insomnia :

If the person is suffering from insomnia it can worsen their health conditions such as one can have asthma attacks , obesity , weak immune system , high blood pressure , diabetes , weak memory , lead to poor judgement , can also affect one’s sex drive and can also short our life expectancy  .

Symptoms of insomnia :

If the person have insomnia it will lead to other issues such as daytime fatigue , gastrointestinal problems , lack of coordination , increase headaches , irritability and low energy etc .

How can we cure insomnia :

If one has primary insomnia it can be cured easily and one may not need a doctor . But if one has secondary insomnia / severe insomnia then the person must contact to a doctor because it may cause some major health problems . For some time the doctor may prescribe sleeping pills . But in the long term the doctor may suggest therapy as it relaxes our muscle and helps us to sleep more peacefully . One should also try exercise as when one get tired he / she can sleep more soundly . Also taking a balanced diet is very essential during insomnia .

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