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Men menopause is the health condition that tends to occur in older men . It carries symptoms like decrease in testosterone and aging .

Testosterone is a hormone which is produced in the testes . It doesn’t only fuels sex drive but also fuels changes during puberty , maintains your physical and mental energy , maintains muscle mass and also regulates other key functions .

Symptoms of male menopause :

Low energy

Increase in body fat

Erectile dysfunction

Insomnia or difficulty in sleeping

Weakness in the body


Mood swings


What causes male menopause ?

After the person reaches the age of 30 , the testosterone subsequently decreases . Though everyone shows different symptoms . As testosterone helps men maintain a healthy body so if it decreases it brings several health conditions such as obesity , high blood pressure , heart diseases , type 2 diabetes etc . Also changing in male hormones are not the only thing that contributes to this condition but there are other risk factor that contributes to it such as smoking , alcohol consumption , lack of exercise , stress etc . Also erectile dysfunction can happen due to a nerve problem .

How to treat male menopause ?            

One should always consult your doctor about it. Also it is a part of men’s life so if the problem is not severe then it can be treated without any medical treatment . But if the problem is severe you one should always take medications . The doctor should also advice you to eat  good and healthy diet , exercise daily , take good amount of sleep , limit the consumption of alcohol and tobacco and one should try to quit smoking .

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