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BRAT diet stands for bananas , rice , applesauce and toast . So basically BRAT diet is used to treat upset stomach such as diarrhea , stomach flu and other types of stomach illnesses . These foods are recommended because these are easy to digest food .  BRAT diet is also called “Bland” diet .


Some foods one can eat alongside BRAT diet :

·    Apple juice.

     Watermelon. ..


·     Potatoes ( but it should be plain without cheese  or butter ).

·    Coconut water.  

Stated below are some benefits of BRAT diet :

·    It’s good for an upset stomach . As the foods are starchy and low on fiber it digests more easily .

·    These foods are also gentle to the stomach as they are low on fat and protein that means it don’t irritates the stomach  and do not put pressure on the digestive system .

·    As the foods are very light and don’t have such strong smell hence , BRAT foods do not cause vomiting .


Foods one should strictly avoid if they have an upset stomach :

 1. As we know that know and dairy products are really hard to digest so one should avoid eating them in this duration .

2. Anything which is fried ,oily or spicy . because they can make worsen the condition even more . And spicy foods can irritate the stomach .

3. One should also not consume alcohol and coffee . Because alcohol can lead     to dehydration and when one have diarrhea hydration is essential . Also coffee and other drinks which contains caffeine shouldn’t be consumed as they may act as mild diuretic .

4. One should also not consume raw vegetables such as broccoli , cabbage etc . as they can cause gastric problem .   

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