Monday, May 17, 2021


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Swimming is fun but it is also a great way to exercise . As it is a low impact activity but it has many physical and mental health benefits . It is also an excellent way as our entire body works out . Also studies have proven that swimming burns almost as many calories as running without all the impact on joints and bones .

Benefits of swimming :

1. Helps to lose weight – swimming is one of the best ways to burn calories . An average person burns around 460 calories in an hour swimming at a low rate . He / she can burn up to 710 calories an hour when swimming at a high rate .

2. It is easy for the joints – swimming does not put excessive pressure on the joints so people with arthritis can do it with ease as compared to other rigorous exercises such as cycling .

3. It helps people with asthma – people who have breathing problems such as asthma , swimming is considered as an amazing exercise because it helps in breathing control and also lung capacity .

4. It aids our sleep – swimming is really helpful for the people who have insomnia . As it relaxes our muscles and also relieves stress thus helps us to sleep better .

5. Boosts mood – swimming is also beneficial for the people who have dementia . As exercise in general helps us to improves mood .

6. It is safe during pregnancy – swimming is also considered safe during pregnancy . It is one of the few exercises which are recommended to women during pregnancy . As women tend to gain weight which results in joint pain so swimming helps to maintain weight But one should always consult their doctor before it . 

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