Monday, April 19, 2021

Yoga to relax mind

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We all go through so much of stress and anxiety in our everyday life and to relax our body and mind there is no alternative way other than yoga. Yoga helps in relaxing and calming mind and also helps in increasing concentration power.

 We all think yoga only helps in physical fitness but that’s not true it also provide you mental peace.

Yoga is a combination of meditation and breathing exercise which help to improve our mental health. Yoga helps a person to relax their mind from day to day tension.

In this time of global pandemic we all need to take care of our mental health also. Today we are not allowed to go out get in contact with people so we are not able to share our thought and problem which leads to mental health issues.

 We all are facing problems which is directly or indirectly hitting our mental health.

Here are some of the yoga poses which will help you to relax your mind:

·           Wide-legged forward bend pose.

·           Lizard pose

·           Sphinx pose

·           Supported bridge pose

·           Forward fold pose

·           Reclining bound angle pose

·           Legs up the wall pose

·           Corpse pose

These are some of the yoga poses which will help your mind to relax. Even if you sit down relax your body start to breathe gently you start to feel good and it also help in calming your mind.

 Today during the time of this global pandemic it’s very important to keep your body physically and mentally fit.

 So you do should yoga regularly in order to keep your body and mind fit. The above poses will help you to relax your mind during these tension and stress period. 

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