Monday, April 19, 2021

Yoga for back pain beginners

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Yoga a very familiar word to us. Yoga is very popular and best form of exercise. It is found yoga is a better way to get stress free and it help in relaxing body. Very few people known that back pain can also be cured by doing yoga. Yoga poses helps in stretching and strengthens your body part.

Yoga teaches the proper way to sit and stand it help in maintain a good postures and also helps in making body flexible and maintain body balance.

Here are some of the yoga poses if done daily will help you to cure your back pain. But before trying this yoga pose do consult your doctor.

Cat /Cow stretch

·         On your legs and hands sit making equal distance between them and should have proper distance between arms and shoulder and hips and knees.

·         Keep breathing gently then slowly put your navel toward spine.

·         During inhaling repeat your pose and keep breathing gently.

·         Do it for 5 to 10 times once in a day.

Standing forward fold

·         Stand with your feet and hips in equal distance.

·         During inhaling raise both arms up on the head and palm should face each other but should not touch.

·         Now while exhaling slowly start to bend your waist then lower your arms down the ground if your hand can reach.

·         Let your head drop and make your neck relax.

·         Now slowly start to stand up.  Let your hand come up at last.

·         Repeat this for 3 to 5 times a day.

These two poses will surely help in reducing your back pain and they will also in strengthening your abdominal strengthening. Doing this poses regularly will only help and yes do these poses in correct way or else it may happen that it start to increase your pain.

 Doing yoga poses help in relaxing of mind and body but if you face any discomfort in your body after doing then consult doctor.


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