Monday, April 19, 2021

Teeth whitening cost in India

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In todays time every one desire to have white shiny teeth. Tooth whitening or bleaching is the very common process which helps in lightening the pale color of human teeth. 

 White teeth is desired by every individual as due to some problem their teeth become yellowed over some period of time so to get those white teeth again people start to go for tooth whitening or tooth bleaching process.

Teeth whitening are a safe process but it may happen you can undergo some side effects like teeth sensitivity. It is found that the average period for teeth whitening last for nearly six months and then again you have to go for its whitening.  

There is no as such pain in this procedure it may be for some time because of its side effect.

Teeth whitening cost in India varies from city to city but if we take it an average its Rs. 8000 and if we go for advance chair side whitening then its Rs. 20,000. In this it’s include full mouth cleaning, polishing with whitening and its maintenance kits.

Cost may also vary from the type of procedure you are choosing for whitening your teeth. In India we generally get to see three ways which are:

·                   Britesmile dental whitening

·                   Laser bleaching

·                  Custom fit tray bleaching

There are some other ways also which help in teeth whitening;

·                 Home whitening regimen

·                 Quick pro varnish

·                 Zoom advanced power (AP) instant whitening.

Having a good oral health is also very much important as it gives as more confidence while talking and it also enhances our personality. The cost may vary according to the city and procedure but it’s found not much costly.

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