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Effects Due To Cancer Treatment

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 Effects Due To Cancer Treatment

Effects Due To Cancer Treatment

It is seen that people who go through treatment of cancer faces a lots of body change or can say side effect occur in their body. A side effect occurs when treatment is done and because of that treatment it damages the healthy cells. During the treatment different people faces different side effects. 

Some of the common side effects faced by people are:-

Neutropenia – In this it decreases the number of white blood cells which is the main defense against infection. It is very common after receiving chemotherapy.

Lymphedema – In this particular problem fluid may build up under the skin and cause part of body to swell.

Hair loss – During treatment of cancer when people go through some kind of chemotherapy they start to lose hairs and this condition is called alopecia. In this case hairs usually grow back in two or three months.

Nausea and Vomiting – During cancer treatment you can feel sick to your stomach and vomit. Sometime it may happen that due to cancer treatment you may feel sick.

Cancer Pain – Cancer itself and treatment causes very much pain. Pain makes it harder to do normal work and lower your quality of work.

Blood clots – These clots usually forms in lower leg, thigh and sometime it will break off and go to lungs even.

These are some of the side effects which take place in our body when we undergo cancer treatment. Treatment of cancer is very painful and therefore the patients face so many side effects and this start at a very early age of treatment. These are some common side effect faced by people this may vary from people, medicine and the type of treatment they go through.

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