Sunday, April 4, 2021

Is cycling good for diabetes?

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Diabetes is one of the very common diseases for people today. 

There are mainly two type of diabetes that is Type 1 which is treated with the help of insulin and Type 2 which can be cursed by proper balance diet and exercise and it does not require any insulin therapy. 

In Type 2 diabetes we need to pay lots of attention on the type of food we eat and the physical activities we do.

 Doing physical activities help in consumption of glucose in the muscles which helps in maintaining normal blood sugar level of the body.

Cycling one of the best physical activity and is also consider good for diabetic patients as cycling help in reducing the risk of getting diagnosed with diabetes and it is said the more you pedal the away the disease go. 

According to a report it is found that doing cycling daily help you to reduce 20% risk of diabetes. 30 to 60 min of cycling daily is enough to cure diabetes disease.

 In a study it is found that cycling at a moderate speed for an hour help to reduce your blood sugar level to its half within 24 hrs.

Cycling help to cure Type 2 diabetes as when we do cycling it help in lowering our blood sugar level as the more we pedal the less we get affected by diabetes. 

It is said one who cycle daily they get less ill than those who do not cycle. 

The lower intensity exercise is found to be more effective for diabetes patients than high intensity exercise and therefore cycling is considered to be one of the best physical exercises for diabetic patients.

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