Friday, April 23, 2021

How to wake up at 5am?

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Waking up early is something we all think of before going to sleep us very few of us are able to get up early in the morning.

My question to all the readers here is, Is it really important to get up early at 5am?

Well I really don’t think so because here the motive is not getting up early but it’s to make our day productive! There are many of us who work at night and feel comfortable and it’s perfectly fine as the main motto is to complete our work on time neither getting up nor working late matters.

So why at 5am?

·         It will give you extra time.

·         You will get peace and calm environment.

·         Boost energy and make you fell fresh.

·         Sense of achievement.

How to get up at 5am?

·         Make it very clear in your mind the purpose of getting up early.

·         Then set your mind a night before that yes, I will get up early to complete my work.

·         Set an alarm at regular interval of 5 min.

·         Keep your alarm little far from you so that to off it you need to get out of your bed.

·         Put the alarm at the highest volume and put a song in that which really irritates you so that as soon as it starts you try to off it and for that you have to go out of the bed.

·         After getting up do not go back to bed for work. Sit on chair and do work.

·         At night sleep for 7 hrs and on fix timing.

·         Do not touch your phone for 1 hrs after and before sleeping.

·         Try this for 30 days and feel the change. It may happen you fail someday but gradually you will develop a habit and then you won’t need alarm also.

These are some of the way which can be practiced by people to get up early in the morning at 5. Try for some time and see the changes yourself.

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