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How I Increase Sperm Count?

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How I Increase Sperm Count?
How I Increase Sperm Count

Sperm count which means the average number of sperm present in a sample of semen.

 Doctor who check fertility assess sperm count doing the time of routine semen analyses and this is consider as most important factor of fertility.

According to a recent study of World Health Organization (WHO) it was said that healthful sperm count is to be 15 million per milliliter or should at least be 39 million milliliter per ejaculate. 

Sperm count under 15 million per milliliter is consider as low and it can cause fertility issues.

It is found that from several decades the sperm quality and fertility rate has been lowering down in many western countries so because of that we have some ways which help you to increase your sperm count

·         Take balance diet

·         Do exercise daily.

·         Do not smoke

·         Avoid consumption of drugs and alcohol in more amounts.

·         Start to take fenugreek supplement

·         Stop taking certain prescription medications.

·         Add a proper amount of vitamin D in diet.

·         Start to take ashwagandha or Indian ginseng.

·         Start staking more anti-oxidant rich foods.

·         Start taking healthful fats in diet.

·         Limit taking of soy and estrogen rich product.

·         Avoid environmental toxins.

·         Add enough amounts of folate and zinc in diet.

It is said that living a healthy lifestyle, taking natural remedies and planning your diet help the males to manage and also improve the low sperm count.

Taking some herbal product also helps in increasing sperm count. Diet change that help to promote higher sperm count includes reducing the intake of Trans fatty acids and taking more of vitamin D and more of polyunsaturated fats in diet.

One should have a healthful, balances diet which includes lots of fruits and vegetables as that is the best way to increase or boost sperm count through your diet.

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