Friday, April 23, 2021

How to get rid of distraction?

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Distraction means something that turns your attention away from something you want to concentrate on.

Why this happens?

Simply because the thing which attracts you more or please you more your mind goes towards that. I commonly here that that during studies their phone distracts them etc. That’s simply happens because it give you more pleasure, though intentionally you don’t want to go there but your mind make you vulnerable to do that work. Our mind is like a revolving ball and out of everything what attracts our mind the most we get attached to that.

In such a situation we become the slave of our mind and our conscience is not able to guide us for the correct direction. It’s found the work which give you pleasure your mind will never get distracted there for example  we never get distracted while watching movies or any web series its simply because we enjoy that and it give pleasure to our mind.

We all start to feel bad if not done with our daily work and promise to give 100% the very next day.

So whom to blame?

In today’s era no one will be there with you for a long period of time. Today your family will feed you but after some time they also want you to do something. So start to take responsibility. Start to find pleasure on the work you are doing. Start to love you work so your mind will not get distracted.

Its only you who can stop your mind from distraction instead of crying and feeling bad start to work on yourself.

If I throw you in the water despite of knowing to swim you will try to save yourself and will try all the save to get out in the same way start to plan things and work on them. Make a mind set to achieve them.

Keep things away from you that distract your mind from achieving your goal. Remember if not today then it will be never.

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