Monday, April 5, 2021

Foods to increase sperm count and quality

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Sperm quality it is said to be one of the prime factor which affects ones fertility. We known all the system of body depends on nutrient the same way our reproductive system also depends on nutrients supplied by us to our body.

 Eating right food help you in increasing the production of testosterone which help in increasing the sperm count and also increase its quality.

Here are some food items which help in boosting your sperm count and its quality:-

·         Eggs – Eggs are said to be a good option for increasing your sperm count as they are rich in protein. It also helps from sperm damaging and increases its motility. Eating eggs helps you in healthier sperm production and it also improves its quality.

·         Spinach – Spinach contains folic acid which is considered a very good source of developing healthier sperm. Higher level of folic acid also help in reducing the abnormal sperms and help in successful penetration of sperm to egg.

·         Bananas – It help once body in manufacturing healthier and stronger sperm cell. It has an enzyme which is called Brome lain which help the body to improve sperm count and quality.

·         Maca roots – It is also known for improving sperm count and fertility. The male who intake this herb has increased volume of semen as well as have sperm of better motility.

·         Dark chocolate – Dark chocolate which contain amino acid which is a very good source to increase sperm count and also increases its quality.

·         Walnuts – Nuts are a good source of both fat and protein. Walnuts help in boosting the volume of sperm and help in increasing sperm count.

·         Zinc-rich foods – Zinc help in production of sperm. Foods which contain zinc like barley, beans and red meat help in increasing sperm count.

These are some of the food which helps in boosting the sperm count and it also increasing its quality. Proper balanced diet and exercise helps in increasing sperm count and help in improving its fertility.

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