Thursday, April 22, 2021

Food not to eat when pregnant

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During pregnancy a women go through so much of food craving and some time it is noticed that they start to adopt some different food habits like they start to eat what they don’t like and also stop eating their favorite food. Some women also start to get vomit due to some food items.

Craving for any food at any time period is very common during pregnancy and it varies from women to women.

During pregnancy doctor advice women to not take some food item as it may leads to complications in pregnancy.

So here are some food items which should not be taken by pregnant women:

·         High mercury fish because mercury is highly toxic and it includes fish like shark, marlin.

·         Undercooked fish or raw shish should also be not eaten.

·         Uncooked or undercooked meat.

·         Raw eggs should not be taken in any source like homemade ice cream or cake icings.

·         Orange meat.

·         Too much of coffee and tea.

·         Raw sprouts.

·         Unwashed or unpeeled products.

·         Raw milk and unpasteurized cheese.

·         Alcohol.

·         Processed junk food items.

When someone is pregnant it’s very important to maintain a diet chart of that individual. Taking proper diet is very important for both women and child. If anyone take all the above listed food items than it may lead to pregnancy complications or miscarriage.

It’s very important to maintain a good balance diet for pregnant women to keep her and baby healthy.

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