Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Exercises during pregnancy for normal delivery

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Physical exercise during pregnancy is always helpful for mothers and child health as it helps in reducing the delivery complications and helps in normal delivery. Doing physical exercise in right way and in correct time is advised even by the doctors.

For a pregnant lady before starting the exercise few things has to be done like:

·         Wear comfortable and loose clothes.

·         Do exercise in a place neither too hot nor too cold.

·         Drink water frequently.

·         Footwear should be comfortable.

·         Start with warm up first.

·         Don’t do too much exercise at a time.

·         Avoid standing for long time.

These are few things that women need to keep in mind before they start to do physical exercise during pregnancy.

Now here are some of the exercise that women should do regularly during the time of pregnancy in order to increase the chance of normal delivery.

First trimester pregnancy exercise

·                             Wall slide 

                                Clam shell

        Hip raises/bridges

Second trimester pregnancy exercise

·                           Downward dog

·                          Pelvic tilt or angry cat

·                        Lying cobbler pose

Third trimester pregnancy pose

·                         Butterfly pose

·                        Pelvic stretches

·                      Yoga(stick pose, twisted pose, angle pose)

·                     Squats

Doing these exercises ensures the mother for higher chance of normal delivery. Even now doctors also recommend pregnant ladies to do some exercise and yoga to keep their body fit and it also help the child inside to develop and grow easily without any complication which leads to normal delivery of the child.

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