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Cost of cancer treatment in India

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Cost of cancer treatment in India

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases who treatment is very expensive. 

The expense of cancer treatment in India has been more than doubled in late few decades and it is increasing every decade. 

The increase of treatment cost is due to demographic, epidemiological and increased case detection.

 According to a recent survey it was found more than million cases of cancer in India and nearly 7 lakhs people died due to this in 2018.

 While the increase of cancer cases is increasing daily its treatment cost is also increasing rapidly.

In a survey it was found that 1200 cancer patients at different stages of cancer based on different known or unknown symptoms.

 It is found at a national level; average total cancer care cost was around Rs 1, 16,200.

 In private hospitals the total cost is estimated to be Rs 1, 41,800 and Rs 72,000 in public hospitals. 

The cost may vary from one state to another.

In India there are some hospitals which also provide treatment of cancer free of cost or it may happen that they collect fund through donation for the treatment of cancer patients. 

In India there are different types of cancer and they have different types of treatment so the cost depends on the type and the stage of cancer which the patient is given.

At an average if we see than the cost is between USD 3200 TO USD 8000, cost of chemotherapy varies from UDS 650 TO USD 1200 per cycle and the cost of radiotherapy varies between USD 3500 TO USD 5000. This do not include non medical requirement like transport, food etc this money only include medical care, medicine, treatment, doctors and beds etc. so the total of more 10% is included more.

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