Friday, April 2, 2021

Cancer treatment at home

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Cancer treatment at home

It is seen that if you are going through treatment of cancer than most of the time you spend in hospitals or clinics but it is found that in some cases the treatment can also be managed from home. 

It totally depends upon the patient personal preference and its living condition as if he finds more comfortable to be in home and go through the treatment he can. 

It is found that home treatment is less expensive than hospital ones.

Your cancer care team will access your medical condition, treatment plan and your living condition and then they will tell you about home treatment option.

They will check this account for home treatment:-

- The type of cancer you have and what stage it is.
- Other medical condition of the patient.
- Your treatment plan and your medicines.
- Risk of developing complications and the side effects.
- Location of your home to hospital.
- Age of patient.

Sometime if the treatment is done at home a homecare nurse or other healthcare worked does visit your home for your regular checkup. 

A health care nurse will also teach you how to organize and store your medications, check, clean, and dress injections and also response to your side effects.

Self-administering treatment at home is often considered less than that which cost in the treatment in hospitals and clinics. 

But in some cases doctors do not allow patients for home treatment. It is found that the cost of treatment is not even coved in health insurance plans. 

If you are self caring yourself for medications and not taking any professional recommendation that you might face some problem and may not recognize the changes taking place in your body which is a risk factor in home treatment and therefore very less patients are allowed for home treatment. 

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