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Types of Meditation

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Meditation is an approach to exercise your mind, similar to the way that fitness is an approach to training of the body. Meditation helps your body to connect with your mind and soul. It is a technique to increase your concentration and awareness. It also helps to get physically and mentally well.


·       Helps to increase your focus and concentration.

·       It improves self-esteem and self- awareness.

·       It reduces stress.

·       Helps in managing stress and anxiety.

·       Fight depression and addiction.

·       It also helps in pain controlling.

·       Make you a more kind and lovable person.


Meditation was though started in ancient times but it is practiced now also. It helps a person to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. Meditation is not about faith but its more about awareness, peace and calmness.

There are basically nine types of meditation practiced:

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION: It comes from the Buddhist period of time and is mostly practiced in the western parts. In this meditation type you need to pay attention on your thought as they pass in your mind. You just have to make the thoughts pass and do not involve yourself in thinking and judging those thoughts. In this it mainly focus on your concentration and awareness. In this you need to concentrate on any particular object while you observe your body feelings. This can be done alone also without any guidance.

SPIRITUAL MEDITATION: This type of meditation is seen in eastern religion like Hinduism and Christian faith. It is like the prayer in which it reflects faith on god and a silence and deeper connection with the almighty and universe. In this there is a deep connection of mind and soul. During this meditation w also uses some oils to experience spiritual power. This can be practiced in home as well in your worship place in front of god. It is beneficial for those who need silence and peace.

FOCUSED MEDITATION: In this you need to concentrate on the sense organ. In this you can concentrate on something like any object, or counting mala or concentrating on any flame. It is very simple but it’s hard in the beginning to concentrate on any object for more time and you lose your focus. In this you need not to focus on the thought just allow them to pass through your mind and you keep concentrating on the particular object. It is for those who need extra focus in their life.

MOVEMENT MEDITATION: It is not similar to yoga but it includes some activities like walking, gardening and some loose movement of motion. It a type of meditation where the movement of your body will guide your mind. It is good for people who find peace in action and instead of sitting they find peace in motion.

MANTRA MEDITATION: This type of meditation is mainly seen in Hindu cultural. In this the person uses a repetitive sound to clear the thought going in mind. It can be any word or any line in which he concentrate and repeat it to get peace. The chanting of mantra can be loudly or quietly. It helps to increase concentration and focus and also allow experiencing deeper level of awareness. It is also good for people who don’t like silence as in this they continually chant and concentrate.

TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION: It is a very famous type of meditation. This is practiced and much scientific research is going on it. This is one of the best meditations even better than mantra meditation. It is practiced by those who have interest in structure and do meditation daily.

PROGRESSIVE RELAXATION: It is also called as scan body meditation. It helps a person to relax his body and mind from stress and tension. It involves tightening and relaxing of body muscles. It is often use to relax your body and mind and also get you free from stress and tension.

LOVING-KINDNESS MEDITATION: It helps you to strengthen your feeling of kindness, and love toward others and yourself. It involves opening your mind and sending a lot of love and good wishes to your loved ones and other human and animals. This meditation is practiced to control your anger and spread love to everyone.

VISUALIZATION MEDITATION: It focuses on enhancing your feeling of relaxation, peace by thinking about positive things and happy images. In this we imagine some good picture and make our mind and body relax by concentrating all five sense organs on a picture. It also helps people to boost their mood and reduce stress and promote happiness and peace.

In the beginning you might feel uncomfortable but as you keep practicing daily you will enjoy doing meditation. Meditation not only provides inner peace and mental health but it also physical fitness. Meditation has been proven a good way to make your mind stress and tension free. It is been practiced from so many years and is considered really helpful for people. Meditation not only helps your body to be physically fit but it also relaxes your mind and help to increase your concentration and focus skills. It also increases your confidence and enhances your personality and posture
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