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Standing asana also called as standing pose while doing a particular posture. In this particular asana your feet will stay in contact with the ground.

On regular practice of standing pose your body become strong and your mind become more focused and alert. It also helps your body in balancing as the body load falls equally on both the feet.

Standing posture helps your body to gain flexibility, strength and balance. It also helps you mentally by increasing you focus and concentration power. It also helps in reducing the lower back pain and is also effective for problems like asthma and diabetes.


·       Improve body posture: Sitting on desk for a long time give you a bad body posture and it also hurt your spine. Standing posture help you to improve your body posture and also protect you from back pain and neck pain.

·       Increase flexibility: It is very hard for us to touch our toes without bending our knees but with regular practice of standing pose provide flexibility to your body.

·       Builds muscles strength: Doing yoga on a regular bases help your muscles to gain strength and also protect our muscles from frequent straining.

·       Boosts metabolism: Yoga helps your body to keep it energetic and also improves the metabolism of the body. It also makes you eat a balance diet.

·       Helps in lowering blood pressure: Doing yoga helps your body to control blood sugar level and also control the cholesterol. It also helps in weight lose and protect from obesity and under weight.

·       Increase blood flow in body: We all know that yoga relax our body due to which it helps our body in blood flow.

·       Protect your body from diseases: Doing yoga daily is very beneficial for the immune system. As it protect your body from diseases.

·       Increase self-esteem: Practicing yoga help you to know yourself better. It motivates you and also increases your self confidence and makes you feel positive and energetic.

·       Improves lung function: Doing yoga also control your breathing which improves your lung and protect you from different respiratory problems.

·       Helps in better sleep: Yoga helps you to feel relax and give relief from stress and tension which result in better sleep.


MOUNTAIN POSE: It is also known as Tad asana. It is called the foundation of all yoga asana.

·       Stand erect with your feet on the ground.  Keep your hips and feet a little apart.

·       Keep your spine and shoulder erect and keep weight equal on both feet.

·       Keep your arms on the side with palms facing forward or toward the body.

·       Hold the position and lift your body little up on your toes.

·        Hold the position for some time and keep breathing.

HIGH LUNGE POSITION: It provides energy to the body and also strengthens the legs and arms.

·       Be in down dog position, put one foot forward between your hands

·       Put your knee over the front ankle

·       Stay high on the ball of the back foot, and keep your back knee lifted.

·       Make your core to lift the torso.

·       Raise your arms over your head.

·       Hold the position for some time and keep breathing.

WARRIOR 2 POSES: It is also called as Virabhadrasana-2. It strengthens the muscles of legs and abdominals. It also stretches the hip area.

·       Be in mountain pose and from that make a big step with left leg with toes in.

·       By pressing the feet put your legs up.

·       Then raise your arms parallel to the floor and keep your shoulder down and neck up.

·       Then bend your right knee with knee over the ankle.

·        Roll the top of thigh down toward the floor.

·       Press the top of left thigh and ground the left feet on floor.

·       Put lower abdomen up and down. Bring chin back to align your neck and spine.

·       Hold the position and keep breathing.

TRIANGLE POSE: It is also called as Trikonasana. It is very helpful for people who suffer from back pain and sciatica. It helps to provide strength to legs and also give flexibility to hips.

·       Stand erect on the ground

·       Put a slight distance between both legs

·       Put the front arms forward till you start to feel a stretch in back hip

·       Make your front arms rest on front thigh.

·       Then bring the opposite arm straight up to you maintain a wing shape.

·       Go toward your top hand

·       Hold the position for some time and keep breathing.

TREE POSE: It is also known as Vrksansana. It is one of the easiest and simplest yoga asana. It helps in building balance and stretching muscles.

·       Stand erect with equal weight on both leg and distance between both feet.

·       Gradually shift the weight to right foot and put your left foot on the inner right thigh.

·       Keep your right leg erect and put force downward on the floor.

·       Keep your hands on the waist

·       Hold the position and keep breathing.

Standing yoga asana is very important and has lots of benefits. It gives balance and coordination to the body and also increases the focus and concentration power. Standing yoga is the basic of yoga and is very easy and beneficial for our body.    

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