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An asana is a body posture also called yoga poses or yoga posture. Asana is a Sanskrit originated word which in English means posture. Asana is actually a steady comfortable posture for doing meditation. There is difference between yoga and asana as yoga means the connection of body, mind and soul by relaxing yourself but asana means the correct body posture that you need for doing yoga. Asana help you to develop a correct body posture and also help you to gain flexibility and support your physical fitness.


·       It help you in increasing you flexibility.

·       Develop balance of the body.

·       It stretches and gives strength to the lower back, thighs and abdomen region.

·       Help in gaining stamina while sitting.

·       Help you in regulating your breath as you sit and relax in one pose for a long period of time.

·       Give relief you from stress and tension.

·       Relax your mind and body.


PADMASANA (LOTUS POSITION): It is a cross-legged yoga posture in which you sit down relaxing your body and mind. In this asana you breathe slowly and give calm to your body and mind. It is also known as Vajra position.

·       Sit on the floor and stretch your legs out in front and keep your spine erect.

·       Now bend the right knee and keep it on your thigh and left knee on your right thing in cross position and make sure that sole of the feet points upward.

·       Place your hand on the knees keep your head straight and spine erect.

·       Hold the position and keep on taking long gentle breathe.


·       It help you in digestion process

·       Control your blood pressure and reduce muscular tension

·       Relax your mind and body

·       Help pregnant lady in child birth

·       Reduces menstrual pain

People with knee and ankle injuries should avoid this asana.


Head to knee pose is one of the best pose for full body stretching.

·       Sit on the floor stretch your one leg straight in front with your spine erect.

·       Bend your left knee and place your left foot on the right thigh and left knee should touch the floor.

·       Breathe slowly and put your arms on the head above and stretch them.

·       Slightly twist the waist to the right.

·       Keep breathing and bend forward from your hip joints, keep the spine erect and touch the toes with hand.

·       Hold the position for as long as you can and keep breathing.

·       Repeat these steps on the other leg also.


·       Provide flexibility to your body.

·       Lower back muscles are stretched.

·       Provide support to your shoulder.

People with knee, ankle and shoulder injury should not try and also pregnant lady should not do this asana.

PASCHIMOTTANASANA (SEATED FORWARD BEND): It means west stretched out posture.

·       Sit down stretch your legs straight forward keeping spine erect and toes forward.

·       Keep breathing stretch your arms upward.

·       Bend from your hips, moving forward and touch the toes with hand keeping spine erect.

·       Keep breathing and hold the position for some time.


·       Help in maintaining the legs natural motion and stretch the back of the leg

·       Reduce stress and tension.

·       Better sleep

·       Help in digestion and control obesity.

·       Help in making body flexible

People with knee, ankle or shoulder injuries should not try this. Pregnant lady should avoid such asana.

BADHAKONASANA (BUTTERFUL POSE): It means bound angle pose because in this pose you hold your both feet together with the help of hand and it looks like a butterfly.

·       Sit down with your spine erect and legs spread straight out.

·       Now bend your knees and try to connect your feet to one other.

·       Grab your both feet together with the help of your hands.

·       Keep breathing and try to put the knees and thigh downward.

·       Now start flapping both the legs like wings of butterfly and increase the speed.

·       Fly higher and higher and keep breathing.

·       Do for some time than relax your leg by keeping them straight forward.


·       Help in relaxing your leg muscles

·       Relax you from menstrual discomfort

·       Help in child delivery

·       Improve flexibility of the body and specially leg part.

People suffering from knee injury should not do this pose.  People suffering from Sciatica should not do this asana.

There are many other sitting related poses and they all are also very important for our body but if you are just a beginner you should start with these pose as they are very easy and are very helpful for you and it also do not require a trainer for doing all the above asana.

Doing yoga and body posture (asana) are very important as they help you in maintaining a fit and healthy body. Doing asana keep you away from all types of postural deformities and also make your body flexible.

They also help in improving our focus, balance and concentration. They develop self-confidence in us. They also help you to get a good body shape and a good personality. Doing asana on a regular bases protect your body from diseases and also from different joint pains.

Doing asana and yoga is actually the medicine of all the body pain and they not only keep you physically fit but also provide peace and calmness to your mind and also make you soul relax.

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