Friday, February 19, 2021


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Teaching yoga in schools and colleges might help the student to feel better, relaxed and fresh and it also help to increase concentration of the students. Starting your day with yoga is good for both body and mind and it also help you to keep fresh and energetic throughout the day.

Doing yoga everyday not only will make you physically healthy but also provide mental peace and happiness. School and college students should do yoga it not only make them fit but also help them to do well in their studies by increasing focus and concentration which help them to get good grade and achieve success.


Yoga education helps students to prepare them physically, mentally and spiritually. It helps the students to become healthier, saner and more energetic.

Yoga education helps the child to learn self-discipline and self-control which make them bring more awareness and increases their concentration power.


·       Help student to have good health.

·       Make them practice mental hygiene.

·       Help them emotionally.

·       Help the child in integrating their moral values.

Yoga education helps in enhancing all the activities of the student whether it’s educational, sports or social. Yoga techniques helps to increase attention in studies, provide better stamina and coordination for to your body for any sports and also help to bring general awareness and balance for social activities.

Yoga education should be implemented in school education but in a quiet and calm place creating a balanced atmosphere for its proper study and practice.

Yoga should be taught to student from easy level to difficult level. Students should be explained the ideology behind that yoga and should be aware of its benefits. An experience yoga teacher should be there who know all about yoga and can calmly teach student all the basic yoga asana. The teacher should also notice the daily progress of every student and make a report of that to see the progress.


·       PHYSICAL FLEXIBILITY: Doing yoga promotes your physical strength as children learn to use muscles in different ways. Doing yoga help children to give correct body posture while standing, sitting or other work.

·       BALANCE AND COORDINATION: Yoga is very much needed for balancing of body. Balancing pose help us to increase me mental peace and also provide a mental clarity and coordinate properly with mind and body.

·       INCREASE FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION POWER: by doing yoga poses you need to be very focused and this help the child to increase their concentration power and due to this it help your child to focus more on studies and get good grades.

·       INCREASE SELF-ESTEEM AND SELF-CONFIDENCE: Yoga helps to build self-confidence in child. It teaches the child to be patient and provide strength and flexibility.

·       ENHANCES BODY-MIND CONNECTIONS: Yoga helps the student to connect with body and mind and make your body exercise and provide calmness to mind.

·       HELP IN MAINTAINING BODY WEIGHT: Yoga will also help the child to maintain a proper body weight. It helps the child to maintain a healthy lifestyle free from diseases.

·       CONTROL ANXIETY AND TENSION: While you are in school or college you faces a lots of tension and stress and this all affect your body mentally and physically both. Doing yoga on a regular bases helps you to get free from all this and make you calm and happy mentally and physically fit.

Our child live in a world where they have so much pressure like school pressure, parents pressure, studies  pressure etc. and because of these all they feel very stressful and with the help of yoga we can help them to provide peace and calmness so, that they can do their work happily without getting stress.


·       LIVING TOGETHER (YAMA): This asana help t promote in living in peace, motivate us to live in group.

·       CLEANING BODY AND MIND (NIYAMA): It helps to get rid of toxins and negativity present in our mind and body.

·       STRAIGHTENING THE SPINE (ASANA): It help in maintain the correct body posture to get rid of all type of body pain and increases flexibility.

·       BREATHING (PRANAYAMA): It helps our body to learn how to be relaxed. It also helps in controlling our breath and provides peace.

After seeing all the benefits of yoga I think we should have yoga classes in schools and colleges. Doing yoga have so much benefits for the students it make them so energetic and fit it also help them in their studies and sports activities. It develops the child physically, mentally and socially which is very much needed for the students.

Yoga is actually the medicine of all the diseases if you do yoga daily then there is chance that you are free from diseases and it also help in mental well being. Doing yoga help the school going children in their decision making process also.

Once there was a time when I also used to be in so much stress and tension because of my school and studies. I was not able to manage my work and always feel irritated but that time only our school started yoga classes for just a week and I joined those classes and after 2 days only I can feel the change in myself. I have started managing my work and also develop patience in my- self and from that day I use to do yoga daily and it really was a plus point for me. Like me there are many students who will get benefit of yoga if it starts in every schools and colleges. Yoga helps to bring a positive environment and a positive human from uh.

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