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Oral Health

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Oral health which is very important part of our body but is taken lightly by most of the people. Our mouth is considered as the window of our body and health.

Oral health means the overall dental care which includes our teeth and gums to be clean and healthy and should also be free from diseases. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly to clean between your teeth which will make your teeth clean and keep them healthy.

People with good oral health cannot get to suffer from problems like gum disease. This disease called gum disease is mostly prevented with good oral hygiene and good oral hygiene also protects people from problems like bad breath, gingivitis and periodontitis.


To maintain a good oral health all you need to do is every day care in the form of brushing your teeth daily, keeping clean your tongue. Our white teeth and tongue are the part of our body which helps us in chewing and tasting our food and many times also bears our unhealthy food eating choices. Our oral system works daily in order to provide our body what it needs, but we people often forget to take its care.

Neglecting our oral health and hygiene for a long period of time can destroy once appearance and can also leads to various health issues such as cancer, heart ailments, dementia, pneumonia and many other types of diseases.

Its main importance is it keeps your teeth and tongue healthy if you regularly brush and floss your teeth and keep your tongue clean your oral health is healthy. Having a good oral health also keep your confidence level increased and help in enhancing your personality. Having a good oral health not only keeps your oral system healthy but it also play a vital role in your personality enhancement. If you have a good oral you feel free and confidence to talk to anyone and a good oral health also make you smile with your precious white teeth and clean tongue.


Brush teeth daily and also before sleep: All you need to do is you should brush your teeth twice a day in order to keep them healthy. Brushing your teeth at night helps to remove the germs and plaque that have accumulated all around the day. Brushing your teeth before going to bed helps to preserve a better oral health.

Bushing in right way: Mostly people to brush their teeth daily but still they results in a bad oral this happens because they do not brush in a proper way. While brushing you should give more time to it and should brush your teeth slowly making sure that the brush touches each and every part of your teeth. You should move the brush gently and in circular motion as this technique help in removing plaque from your teeth this is a slow process but it works for sure.

Know about toothpaste: Make sure about the type of toothpaste you are using is good or bad for your oral health. It is advised people to use toothpaste that contain fluoride as we all know that fluorides helps in defending your oral health against germs and plaque and keep us protected from tooth decay.

Cleaning your tongue: It is observed that people do clean their teeth, but forget to clean their tongue which results in oral health problems. It is said that cleaning your tongue can be hard if you don’t give much time in cleaning your teeth. It is observed that plaques and germs build up on our tongue which results in bad mouth odor and bad breath which leads to bad oral health. So it is advised that every time you clean your teeth do clean your tongue also.

Flossing is important: Flossing is also very important in maintain your oral health and hygiene correct and on right path. Flossing helps in removing the little piece of food particles present between teeth. Flossing your teeth regularly protect your teeth from germs and plaque and also helps in lowering the gums inflammation.

Consume teeth-friendly diet: To maintain a good oral health people are advised to consume calcium and vitamin C rich food items. Fruits and vegetables like apples, pears carrot in once diet also helps in maintain good oral health. The crispy texture of these food items helps in removing the bacteria which causes plaque. And such food items also help in jaws functioning which increase the production of bacterial neutralizing saliva.

Use mouthwash: Mouth wash is considered one of the essential elements of our dental kit. It is said using of mouth wash helps I reducing the acid present in the mouth, re- mineralize our teeth and reach to clean the area where our brush can’t reach. A person who cannot floss mouthwash is very useful for them. It helps in keeping our teeth protected from oral germs and plaque.

It is very important for every individual to maintain a good oral health and hygiene. People should visit dentist on a regular basis in order to maintain good oral health. Brushing and flossing your teeth and should keep your tongue clean is very important your everyone of us. Use toothpaste which contain fluorides as it help in maintaining a good oral health. For having a good personality oral health is very important.

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