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Smoking is a process in which a person takes in and release out fumes of burning plants materials.  There are many plant materials that are used in smoking but this act sis mostly associated with tobacco. Tobacco has nicotine present in them which are considering very harmful for the human body.

The smoking of tobacco was introduced in Europe by Christopher Columbus. Tobacco is smokes in the form of cigarette, cigar, pipe etc.


A person whose age lies between 13 yrs to 19 yrs is considered as teenagers. This age is also referred as adulthood or adolescences. During this period of time there is a physical and mental development in human body.


We know that consumption of tobacco through cigars, pipe tobacco and chewing tobacco is very dangerous for our health. Consumption of tobacco on a daily base can lead to death of the person. Due to consumption of tobacco we can suffer from problem like cancer also. All tobacco product are toxic and are very harmful for our body and once we start taking it then there is no going back we become addictive to it and its next to impossible to leave that and because of all this it start destroying our liver and leads to various health issues.


Smoking is a familiar word for all of us especially for teenagers. It’s actually became a fashion or a tread for every school and college going student. By smoking and drinking they feel they are cool. There are more than three million young people under this age who are engage in smoking practices. It is noticed that the addiction rate of smoking is higher than any other drug addiction. In teenagers it starts in school as they just want to experiment smoking and then become addicted to it. About 20% of school student are current smokers.

According to teenagers smoking help to release stress and give pleasure. Smoking help those to be tension free and nearly 90% of the smoker start smoking during their school days. Teens become a daily bases smoker within no time and if they try to quit they face problem in their adult life.


Small – term risks:

·       Breathing problems

·       Stained teeth and other dental problems

·       Slow growth of lung function

·       Heart rate increases

·       Hearing loss

·       Vision problem

·       Increased headaches

·       Bad breath and reduce in sense of smell

Long – term risks:

·       Heart disease

·       Lungs disease

·       Cancer

·       Liver problems


Use of tobacco is very dangerous for our body both physically and mentally. It harms our body in different ways and makes us weak.

·       Reduce physical fitness: - Due to smoking our lungs get very affected and it reduce the function and growth of our lung. It also breathing  problems

·       Early heart disease: - Smoking can damage the blood vessels and heart which leads to early heart stokes to people.

·       Poor oral health: - Smokers have a bad breath and they also have oral and tooth problem.

·       Poor skin: - Smoking causes skin related problem and skin wrinkling and skin damage.

·       Smoking decreases the life of an individual.

·       Smoking can also leads to consumption to other drugs and alcohol.

·       It also cause problem to our brain and other memory related issues.


According to a survey it is found that hookahs have been very famous and trending thing among young student. Hookahs are water pipes which is used to smoke specially made flavored tobacco such as mint, rose. This form of social smoking is considered less harmful but hookahs are considered harmful as cigarettes. Hookahs and Cigarettes are been very harmful for our body. This all are very harmful but still are very trendy among school and college going people.


·       Parents have a great role in any child life they are considered role model for their children. So parents should also not take any such drugs or do smoking so that the children should also not learn from them.

·       You should talk and discuss about the harmful effect of smoking to your children from younger age only so that they can understand it and do not try that.

·       Make your child understand that smoking and all may be cool in movies but not in real life. In real life they are very harmful and dangerous.

·         Parents should have a friendly and positive attitude toward their children.


It is somehow very hard to quit smoking because you are addicted to it. Addiction of anything is very dangerous for us.

·       Find your reason: Find a very powerful reason to quit and keep yourself motivated and be strong to stand on your decision.

·       Consider nicotine replacement therapy: When you decide to quit you face various problems like headaches, anger etc so, it is important to consult doctor.

·       Lean on your loved ones: Try to get closer with your family and friends once you decide to quit because they will encourage you and will built your self-esteem.

·       Give yourself a break: Keep your body and mind a break from everything and relax. Try to do all your favorite things and be happy.

·       Eat fruits and veggies: Try to maintain a proper diet in order to be healthy and fit. Don’t diet or fast when you quit smoking.

We all can see how harmful smoking is but still we are not understanding and getting attracted toward it especially the teens. They now need to understand that being a smoker is very easy but quitting it is very hard. So from the beginning only we should try not to get in all such activities. Not only smoking but addiction of anything is considered dangerous for human. Live a healthy and fit lifestyle. We are young and we have self-control so we can control you and make India a smoking less place.


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