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Meditation is a practice in which an individual uses some techniques such as focusing on some object, mindfulness or any activity to get attention or awareness which will help the individual to achieve mental clarity and emotional calm and stability.

Meditation helps the individual to get free from stress, tension, depression and anxiety. It helps the individual to develop peace, calmness and also help them to increase their confidence, focus and concentration.

Meditation is a practice which connect mind and body together in order to provide peace and calmness to mind and keep our body physically fit and also help in boosting energy in our body and makes you feel fresh throughout the day.

While doing meditation individual try to put all the focus on a particular thing and this help them to get control over all the jumbled thought coming in their mind. It helps the individual to get relaxed and help in stress reduction. It also helps in physical and emotional well being.


Meditation has so many benefits as it give a sense of calmness, peace and balance to your body that help you emotionally, physically and mentally.

Meditation and emotional well-being: When an individual do meditation daily then they have a clear view of each information and it also help you in decision making process and help you to deal with everyday stress and tension.

·       It increases your level of patience and tolerance.

·       Helps in increasing your creativity level.

·       Enhance your imagination power.

·       Make you focus on your present situation.

·       Remove all the negative thoughts.

·       Increases your self- confidence and self-awareness.

·       Help you in managing stress and tension.

·       Help in decision making process.

Meditation and illness: Doing meditation not only helps you mentally and emotionally but it also helps your body physically by protecting you from diseases. According to some research it is found that meditation helps you to deal with disease such as:

·       Anxiety

·       Asthma

·       Cancer

·       Chronic pain

·       Depression

·       Heart diseases

·       High blood pressure

·       Sleeping disorders

·       Headaches

Meditation is helpful to your body but it is not the replacement of the traditional medicine. It is actually useful when you take proper medicine and also practice meditation on regular bases.


Different types of meditation have different types of features. They far depend on the guidance you follow. Some of the same features that are found in all types of meditation are given below.

·       Focused attention: This is consider one of the most important and powerful element in meditation. It help the individual to free their mind from all the distractions and start to focus and concentrate on a particular thing such as object, image or even your breath.

·       Relaxed breathing: Relaxing your breath is very important while meditation. The main purpose is to breathe slowly and gently and take the maximum amount of oxygen and try to reduce the use of shoulder and neck muscles while breathing in order to make your breathing relaxed and more effective.

·       Quite atmosphere: The place you sit to do meditation must be peaceful and quite as this will increase your focus and concentration power and will also cause less distraction while meditation. As you will be a skilled person in meditation then you can do it anywhere even in traffic jams and grocery store because you will have a much strong concentration till that time.

·       Comfortable posture: You can do meditation anywhere while sitting, walking, standing but all you have to do is maintain a proper posture and be comfortable to avoid distraction and get more in meditation.


We all need to do meditation daily and this includes some techniques and ways. Doing meditation help your body to feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. It boosts your metabolism and also improves your immune. Some of the ways to practice meditation are:

·       Breathe deeply: Breathing is the beginning technique for doing meditation. It helps the individual to get relaxed and also help in increasing the concentration and focus. Breath slowly and concentrate on your breathe while exhaling and inhaling.

·       Scan your body: Sit on a particular posture and one my one put your focus on different parts of your body and makes them feel relax. Became aware of your different body parts and provide them warmth and comfort.

·       Chant any mantra: While doing meditation keep on chanting any mantra in order to feel relax and happy. Chanting mantra provide you a positive energy for doing the meditation.

·       Walk while meditation: Walking and doing meditation help your body to relax and is therefore considering an efficient and healthier way. While walking you can imagine that you are walking in forest or by any river side. While walking try to put your attention on your legs.

Meditation has been proven a good way to make your mind stress and tension free. It is been practiced from so many years and is considered really helpful for people. Meditation not only helps your body to be physically fit but it also relaxes your mind and help to increase your concentration and focus skills. It also increases your confidence and enhances your personality and posture.

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