Tuesday, February 16, 2021


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We human are having a very busy schedule in our life and in that race of becoming first in the race of life we are putting our health in risk. We have stop taking proper balance diet and also have stopped doing yoga, meditation and exercise. Due to which many of us have problems like obesity, heart issues, under weight and many other.

We human expect a healthy life and it is the only key for our happiness and we can be healthy only if we are physically and mentally fit. Sport one of the best activities for humans to maintain their health both physically and mentally and therefore we consider sports important for our life. Sports not only keep us healthy but it also has a versatile necessity in our life. Sports help individual to make their life successful and satisfied.


Sports are very important for any individual as it help them not only for physical fitness but also for mental health. Sports provide a strong body, make your mental development, it also teaches you discipline and spread brotherhood which is also very important for today. It also helps the person in reducing weight and maintains a fit and attractive personality.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Sports help a person to refresh their body both mentally and physically. As we say Health is Wealth so it is important to have a good body and it also help the person to achieve success and make people move forward in their life. It is known that sports is been practiced from various years by people for keeping them healthy and fit. Sports are very important for our muscles and also help in muscles formation and make them strong. There is no substitute for sports in keeping our body fit and active. A strong body not also means you are fit and healthy but it also boosts and motivates your confidence. Sports also help in making your mind more powerful and active.

EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The sports not only develop person physically, mentally but also emotionally. Sports help children to develop in a playful and cheerful environment which make them happy and active and their minds are high from childhood only. Mind sports play a vital role in enhancing your mindset and also keep your mind fresh and active.

DISCIPLINE: It is not only for individual development but for overall development. It is very important for any individual to be discipline as it reflects their personality. We consider sports as the lighthouse of discipline. Regular sports bring discipline in any individual life. Personal weakness also develops while you are in group which is also possible in sports. Sport teaches you the importance of being discipline in life. It not only teaches personal discipline but also teaches you how to be in group discipline which is an asset for the nation.

CHARACTER: We know that character is the vital key to success. Sports also help person to build their character and also help in personality development. By doing sports regularly the body and mind of an individual arises. Sports also bring a positive attitude in an individual and also help the person to keep a balance in their victory, loss, joy, disappointment etc. It helps an individual to become a better person. Sports also develop your determination power; concentration power and it also help you to handle the loss.

EDUATION: Sports also helps you in your education as sports are not only about passing or failing but it’s a whole journey and a ground to your mental health. Earlier sports were not the part of education but now it is. As sports help in an individual development and also help them to be a better version of their own. Now there are various career options also in sports which we can choose and get success in that. If the goal of providing education is to make people get a better life sense then sports must the top priority.

BROTHERHOOD: Sports not only help you in physical, mental and emotional development but it also help in spreading love and happiness among people. It develops a healthy and positive environment for the different competition. Sports help in strengthen the relation among people and also help people in mutual understanding. It helps people to develop sportsmen spirit and this leads to healthy competition among people. There are many sports competition outside the world where people come and play and create a sense of universal brotherhood.

PREVENT FROM DISEASES: Sports also protect us from various diseases and help us to life a healthy and disease free life. Our hearts need daily some time for workout. So when we play sports our heart pumps more blood and this is consider good for our heart. People suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure should also do regular sports activity in order to be fit and healthy. Doing sports daily help in body blood circulation and because of that nutrients reaches to each and every body parts. During sports white cells also increases in our body which make our immune stronger. Regular sports practice protects our body from various heart diseases and keeps our body healthy and fit.

Sports play a vital role in keeping us healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Sports help people to be stronger and active. It helps in blood circulation and also increases white blood cells in our body.

We should make habits and should practice sports daily in order to be healthy and fit. It also helps in depression overcome and leave a good impact on growing children health and give a positive environment to people.  

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