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Abnormal eating habits of a person which affect the person’s body physically and mentally are called eating disorder. In this particular disorder a person may eat a lot at a short time or very less at more time. It is a mental disorder.

Problem like depression, anxiety are mainly seen in person who have sleeping disorder. Obesity do not includes in sleeping disorder problem.

The cause of eating disorder is still not clear but it does affect our body both physically and mentally. Environmental and biological factors do play an important role in this disorder. 

These disorders are described in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (dsm-5)


Anorexia nervosa: It is one of the most common eating disorder. It mostly develops during early adulthood period. This affects women more as compared to men. In this particular disorder they feel that they are overweight even if they are underweight. People start to control their diet, avoid eating and lose calories. They start dieting, fasting and do a lot of exercise in order to lose weight. This all leads to damaging of body, thinning of bones, underweight etc.

Bulimia nervosa: It is also one of the well known eating disorder. This disorder mostly develops during early adulthood and is seen more in women than men. In this people start to eat large amount of food in a particular period of time. In this disorder people cannot stop eating and do have control on the amount of food they eat. As they eat forcefully which leads to vomiting. They maintain a normal weight but have fear of weight gaining. They do fasting, exercise also. In some cases this disorder leads to heart attack.

Binge eating disorder: It is one of the common disorders in United State. It mostly develops during early adulthood but can develop later in time also. In this also people eat a large amount of food in short duration of time and do not have control while eating. They do not restrict on calories and also do not vomit or exercise. People with this disorder are mostly over weighted and suffer from obesity.

Pica: In this disorder people eat things which are not considered as food. In this particular disorder people eat things like ice, soil, dirt, soap, hair, cloth etc. This is mostly seen during childhood, pregnant women. In this there is high risk to health.

Rumination disorder: It is a newly found disorder. In this disorder people bring swallowed food to mouth then re-chew that food and then again swallow it or spit it. This mainly occurs during 30 min after taking meal. Develop during childhood and goes on its own after a particular time. It affects people at all stage of life. This disorder results in weight loss and leads to underweight.

Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder: It was earlier known as “feeding disorder of infancy and early childhood”. It mostly develops during childhood but sometime also seen during adulthood. In this people go under eating of diet. In this person feels lack of interest in eating. This disorder leads to weight loss and poor development of body.

Purging disorder: In this people eat everything but at the end to unwanted vomiting, exercise to control their body weight and shape of their body.

Night eating syndrome: In this particular disorder people eat a lot as soon as they wake from sleep.

This all classified disorder is done so that person can know what problem they are facing and can seek doctor advice if necessary. Eating disorder is mental problem which leads to damage our body if not corrected on time.


As we know that the exact cause of eating disorder is not found but it is believed that biological, environmental and psychological abnormalities lead to eating disorders.

Here are some factors:

§  Irregular hormone function

§  Genetics

§  Deficiency of any nutrients

§  Poor self-esteem

§  Family or childhood traumas


If a person is suffering from eating disorder he/she may show this signs and symptoms:

§  Dieting even after being underweight

§  Constantly change in weight

§  Engage in eating patterns like alone eating, hiding food etc.

§  Depression

§  Try to be alone every time

§  Obsessed with calories


As this all disorders lead to disturbance in body both physically and mentally it’s very important to consult with medical doctor, nutritionists and therapists for complete medical care.

We should give a proper balanced diet in order to make the person fit and healthy.

Yoga, simple exercise and medication can help the individual to feel relax and resolve mood and anxiety which take place because of the eating disorder.

In today’s date eating disorder is a common problem and many of us are having eating disorder and we even don’t know about that. Eating disorder is a very serious problem and this affects our physical and mental health both and some time leads to death also. Eating disorder also makes us weak and makes our self-esteem poor and makes us feel low angry and said which leads to low our self-confidence. Treatment should be given as you come to know about the disorder. We can overcome this disorder with family support and proper doctor guidance. We should try to eat healthy and a balanced diet and do regular yoga and exercise in order to be fit and healthy.

It is important to know that there is a binge eater in all of us which is always willing to come out but it’s totally on us that how we will control it. We need to learn to live a healthy life with healthy mind, body and soul.

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