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Childhood Vaccination

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Vaccination is the process of giving vaccine to any individual as vaccine help the person to protect them from disease and also help the immune system to get stronger and have more resistance to fight from diseases.

It is a process in which the vaccine is given and the person body becomes more powerful to fight with diseases as it helps our immune system to get stronger and it leads to make our body disease free. Vaccination is said as one of the, most effective method of preventing infectious diseases.


A period of time between the age group of birth to 12 years is referred as childhood duration. This is the period of development of the child physically and mentally. In this duration of time the child learns to walk, eat, sit, identify their people, speak etc. This is the very first stage of human life cycle where the child learns so many new things.


When our body gets infected by any microbes then our body start to produce certain immune cell which help the body to fight with disease and this is called immunity of the body. Even after getting fit our some of the immune cell will remember those microbes and will not allow them to enter the body again in order to keep any individual fit and healthy.


A vaccine helps our immune system in activation without making our body sick. As we take birth we come in contact with various viruses, bacteria and other microbes out of which some are beneficial and some are harmful and those harmful microbes’ leads to various diseases. Our bodies have immune system which protect us from various diseases and help our body to fight with those diseases.

Simple and effective protection: If we suffer from any disease than our body develops a lifelong immune to protect our body from diseases. It is found that some diseases lead to serious lifelong problem and some even leads to death. Vaccination aims to obtain this immunity without any risks of having diseases.  Vaccination means activating the immune system memory in our body. In this process of vaccination our immune is activated without any risk of disease and because of that it protect our body from deadly infectious diseases.

Infant’s tolerant vaccines well:  A child immune system is prepared in the mother’s womb only which help the child to protect it from various microbes that come after the birth. The child immune has very small part of vaccine so it protects them from common diseases like cold.

Herd immunity: We notice that when there is a disease for which majority of the population is vaccinated then the few left can also spread the infection. So with the help of vaccination we can control some deadly diseases that spread worldwide. Small pox is an example of such disease.

Childhood immunization program: As the child take birth it come in contact with various viruses and microbes which result they start to feel sick so to protect the child from some of the deadly diseases some vaccine are given to them and it make the body fight from 12 diseases those diseases are rotavirus, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, infection with haemophilus influenzae type b, hepatitis B, pneumococcal disease, measles, mumps, rubella and human papilloma virus. Some child also gets vaccine for tuberculosis and all these help them to protect from diseases. Children usually get vaccine at the age of 6 weeks old.


Mostly vaccine are given through injections as they inject the vaccine in the blood and due to the continuous flow of blood in our body  the vaccine easily reaches to ever part of the body and help our immune to get stronger and fight with diseases. Some of the vaccine are also give through oral which also help our body and make immune stronger.


During the process of vaccination our body is exposed to some weekend microbes  and then when we vaccinate the body the vaccine substance meet those microbes in the body immune system, immune cells or antibodies are produced that will help to identify the real microbes. As soon as they identify the microbes our immune start to provide better and faster immune response to the body which help our body to fight with disease. This type of acquired immunity is called as artificial immunity.

A good vaccine will protect your body from those diseases for a long duration of time. The amount of vaccine given to any individual for any diseases varies from one to other.

It is very important for parents to take care of their children vaccination just after their birth in order to keep their child fit, healthy and disease free. Proper vaccination will protect your child from different diseases and also will make the child immune strong and help the immune to fight with diseases.

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