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The 4-7-8 breathing technique is used to control your stress and anxiety and therefore it is also called as “relaxing breath”. In this particular breathing technique all you have to do is breath for 4 sec then hold your breath for 7 sec and then release your breath for 8 sec and then repeat.

This particular pattern of breathing helps in reducing your stress and it also help you to get better sleep. Some of the people who are doing this exercise on regular basis say that they fell asleep within minutes because of this relaxing exercise.  These types of breathing exercise are considered as rhythmic exercise which helps people to relax and fell asleep easily.


The 4-7-8 breathing technique is a way to relax you. In this technique all you need is to be focused while breathing. You need to take long and deep breath in and out and keep focus on your breath.

 According to some scientific research the 4-7-8 technique help a person to deal with the following problems:

·       Helps in reducing anxiety.

·       Better sleep.

·       It also help people to manage their cravings.

·       Help in controlling and reducing anger problems.


For doing this technique all you need to do is sit in a comfortable position and then take a tissue put it in the tip of your tongue and then put it behind the top of your front teeth.

Now focus on the following breathing pattern to use 4-7-8 technique:

·       Firstly empty the air present in your lungs.

·       Breathe quietly from your nose for 4 sec.

·       Now gently hold your breath for 7 sec.

·       Now exhale your breath from your mouth forcefully and make noise as whoosh while exhaling. Do this for 8 sec.

·       Now repeat this for 4 to 5 times.

Practice this technique of breathing at least twice a day and you will start to get its benefit sooner.

After doing this breathing technique a person start to feel lightheaded and relax. And therefore it is advised to practice this breathing technique while sitting or lying down comfortably to prevent dizziness and falls.

The total number of seconds for the pattern is less important the then its ratio. We know that a person cannot hold the breath for a long duration so, for the beginning we can shorten the duration of the time as:

·       Breathe from the nose for 2 sec.

·       Hold your breath for 3.5 sec.

·       Exhale from your mouth for 4 sec.

It is important for person to maintain a correct ratio while practicing this breathing technique to enjoy its benefits in very few days. It is seen that the longer and more frequently people practice this breathing technique it become more effective and helpful for them.


It has a very positive impact on person’s anxiety and stress level.

·       It helps in decreasing fatigue.

·       Reduce anxiety and stress.

·       Help in reducing symptoms of asthma in children.

·       It helps in stress management.

·       Helps in controlling and reducing aggressive behavior.

·       Help people who suffer from migraine problems.

Practicing this breathing technique for six continuous weeks help you to improve your concentration power and it also show a positive impact on your heart rate also help you to deal with anger and stress and improve cognition.


Some people use this technique with some other breathing technique which is also considered very useful. Some people couple the breathing exercise with other such as:

·       Guided imagery

·       Progressive muscles relaxation

·       Chanting prayer or mantra

·       Yoga

·       Mindfulness meditation

·       Tai-chi

·       Qigong

Continuous and regular practice of this breathing technique helps your body to be physically fit and mentally happy and relax. Now it has become very known way to reduce stress and anxiety as it is very easy to practice. It not only manages your sleep but also manages your mood swing. A person after doing this technique start to feel happy, relax and more energetic.


People who want to do this breathing technique on regular bases for them there are some app which help them to do this correctly and in correct time ratio.

A free app called “prana breath: calm & mediate “is available on Google play store use that app for doing this technique.

Breathing is considered a very good exercise for our body. It makes a person more focused and fit. Practicing 4-7-8 breathing technique will make you relaxed and tension free. It will not only help you physically but also mentally.

Doing yoga meditation this all is somewhat related to your breathe only so this is a better way to have a control on your breathe and also it provide so many positive impact on body. It is also very simple to do and do not require long time and any guide you can do this with the help of app provided at any particular time and enjoy its benefits.

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