Saturday, January 2, 2021

Utkatasana In Yoga

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Yoga is spiritual and ascetic discipline based on physical, mental and emotional health. It is a way to connect your mind with body and soul. Yoga includes breathing exercise, simple meditation and somebody postures.

Yoga has came from a Sanskrit word which means yuj. The meaning of yuj in English means to join or to unite.

The main purpose of yoga is to make your body and mind fit and healthy. It helps to make you relax physically and mentally. It also improves your body posture, increases flexibility, build your body muscles, boost metabolism, increase self-esteem and protect from diseases. 


Utkatasana is also known as chair pose. Sitting in chair is very easy for all of us but acting to sit in chair without the chair or any other support is little hard. And in this utkatasana we exactly do that only we make a posture which looks like we are sitting in chair but without chair.

Utkat which means intense or powerful and Asana means posture or pose so together it is utkatasana which means powerful posture.


  Stand straight and make a little gap between your feet.

  Stretch your hands forward with your palms facing the ground.

  Do not bend your elbows down and keep your hand straight.

  Bend your knees and gently push pelvis downward as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair.

  Make your body comfortable to get a better feel of the chair pose, just imagine reading a newspaper or typing in laptop as remain seated.

  Make sure that your hand and ground should be parallel to each other.

  Be alert, try to sit straight and lengthen your spine in order to relax.

  Keep breathing slowly and slowly and make your body feel like sitting on chair and turning the pages of newspaper.

  Go down slowly and slowly in the same pose until you touch the ground and then sit in cross-legged pose and relax

  If you want, you may lie down on your back and relax also.

While doing this asana try to smile on your face throughout as it will help you to hold the posture for a long time. It is good to do standing pose once you are done with chair pose. This asana help in relaxing of body and mind.


  This asana help in stretching of the spine muscles, hips muscles and chest muscles.

  Provide strength to lower back muscles.

   Helps in toning of the thigh, ankle, leg and knee muscles.

  Help to maintain body balance.

  Help to bring determination in the mind.

  Regular doing of this asana help in weight loosing.

  This asana make your immune system much stronger.

  Help to get rid of problems like back pain and joint pain.


  People suffering from problems like Insomnia, low blood pressure, headaches, knee pain or ligament problem should avoid this asana.

  People with back pain or shoulder injury should take proper precaution while doing this exercise.

  While doing this asana makes sure you do it properly otherwise it can cause pain in your body.

  People suffering from Arthritis should avoid this asana.

If you are beginner for this asana it will be quite hard for you but try to hold your body for a long time. For the starting time try to take support and then slowly start to hold your body without support.


  If your ankles feel tight then put a rolled up mat under your heels this will help your ankle to feel relaxed.

  In case of shoulder pain then put your hands at your heart this will relax your shoulder.

  In case of knee pain then take the support of wall for doing this asana.

  Take the load up by putting your arms raised high in the air this will help you to disturb your body weight equally in all part and keep you relax.


Sitting in imaginary chair help your body to build strength and stamina and also provide calm and stability to your body. For doing this asana the largest muscles of body quadriceps should be strong.

Doing yoga is very important because it provides peace and calm to your mind and relaxes your body. With the help of this asana you can make your muscles strong and this asana also give you calmness and energetic. Before doing this asana read all the precaution and do this step by step with full patience and with a smile on face. Try to hold the pose for a longer period of time and do it on regular bases in order to be fit.



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