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What Makes A Woman Healthy Woman?

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What Makes A Woman Healthy Woman

By : Prashasti Shrivastava 



We can say that women face a number of issues varying to physically, mentally and socially. Well living a healthy lifestyle can help us avoid diseases, increase our life and we can more happily. But women’s life is more complex, it’s more chaotic. So, living a healthy lifestyle leaves behind as they are busy doing works, household chores and have a busy schedule.

Following are the simple steps one can follow for a healthier lifestyle:


Movement –

So yes, we can see women moves a lot to do work and stuff but do they really exercise? The answer is no. Exercise is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy.  It also helps to prevent heart diseases. As heart diseases are of the common cause of death in women. Exercise also benefits one’s mental and bone health.

Aerobic, or cardio exercises are the best. People should at least aim for 30 minutes of movement so they should go for walks, should jogs, dance and swimming are the best exercise to maintain healthy body and stay fit. People should not solely depend on walking or jogging but they should try mix routines.

Also, women should do strength training as cardio isn’t enough for optimal health and fitness. Strength training helps in building muscles and also boosts metabolism. Further it is also very important for post menopausal women.


Balanced diet-

Consuming a balanced diet is the most essential part of a healthy lifestyle. One can do a lot of exercises but without intake of proper nutrients it will not yield us healthy body. Also, a nourishing diet is crucial for woman’s health. As good food provides proteins, vitamins and other important nutrients which are essential for growth and development. So, one should avoid unhealthy food and opt for the healthy eating such as fruits and vegetables, fibre rich foods, whole grains, dairy products and fresh meat etc. And also eating a balanced diet helps in reducing weight and maintenance as being over weight increases the risk of diseases.



Aging is a part of growing old and wiser. For women, healthy aging depends largely on healthy lifestyle or living. So healthy living does not mean that one should only eat healthy diet but ignore other factors. Healthy aging also emphasizes the things that we shouldn’t do, such as eating tobacco or drinking excess alcohol. One should also learn to cope up with stress and anxiety to promote slow aging.


Sex life-

Sexual health has always been an issue for women. A healthy sex life is very important for a woman. A healthy sex life carries many rewards it’s not about that it burns down calories. Also, women who have a good and healthy sex life have a lower risk of cardiovascular events i.e., high blood pressure and heart attacks than men.


Breast health-

Breast cancer is one of the most common type of cancer in women. And if one has a family history regarding this the chances of developing this becomes even more. So to prevent the risk of this one should not expose to radiation and pollution, should not drink too much alcohol as it increases one’s risk and also one should be physically active too.


Stress management-

 A woman faces a lot of stress everyday. Career, family, friends, society. So excessive stress can lead to high blood pressure, back pain, sleep problems, weight gain, relationship issues etc.  So, one should manage stress by doing meditation, prayers, stress therapy and yoga.


Prevent known health risks-

Many health issues are common between men and women. But some conditions are more common in women and also impacts them differently. These includes-


Women are more prone to having a stroke compared to men. As stroke is mainly caused by high cholesterol and high blood pressure but in case of women it’s different. It includes birth control use, pregnancy etc.

Heart diseases:

Heart diseases are more likely to occur on women than men due to stress and all. Further women are also more likely to die following a heart attack.

Urinary issues:

Women as compared to men have shorter urethra, which means bacteria have to travel a shorter distance before it reaches to bladder and infects it. So, for this reason, urinary tract issues are more common in women.

Mental health:

 Almost 25% will experience mental health related issues during their life. Women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than men. Study shows that from 14 to 25 women shows more signs of depression as compared to men.

Arthritis problems:

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis which occur in both men and women. But it’s more common in women over age 45.


Restricts disease

One should take care of the health. One way to prevent disease is to avoid smoking and also one should stop the one’s who do it. As it is equally harmful. Other health risks include drugs and alcohol. It can have adverse effects on women’s health also oral and dental health is important. Also, study shows that having a good dental health can reduce the chances of heart diseases.


Regular visit to doctor

There’s a common thing that one should only visits to doctor if they are sick. But women should visit a doctor frequently for basic health check ups and screening exams. They should also examine their breast and vaginal health.

Why women health matters?

As we all know how a woman is to her family and the society. So taking the care of her health is not only her responsibility.  And it is also very important that women are educated by these health issues both in house and the work place. We can also say that a healthy woman leads to a healthy family. Also, in today’ world a healthy lifestyle matters the most. Because today’s women manage both household and work equally.  And also, women need health care more than more than men coz they are prone to reproductive and non reproductive health issues.

Hey, I am Prashasti Shrivastava and I am currently persuading economics with management from Institute for Excellence in Higher Education in Bhopal. And also has a keen interest in writing. So, if you like my work please feel free to Like Subscribe and leave a comment J


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