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Vegan Diet Benefits And Risks


Vegan Diet Benefits And Risks

BY: Prashasti Shrivastava


We can say that veganism or vegan is a more solid form of vegetarianism. Which forbids the use or consumption of any products which are produced by animals including such as meat( fish, chicken) dairy products, eggs, honey, wool, silk, etc.   Vegan culture has become popular lately. About 3% of the American population follows the vegan diet.



1.   Veganism and vegetarianism is the same:

This is the most common we will come across, people often assume that veganism and vegetarianism is the same, especially in India. Vegan does not consume any animal products but vegetarians consume by-products of animals such as honey, wool, etc excluding meat.


2.   Vegan diet lacks protein:

Another common belief is that we can’t get enough protein by only relying on a plant-based diet. And also that animal products are rich in protein sources. But this is all false. A plant-based diet is also rich in protein (beans, broccoli, rice, etc).


3.   Vegan diet isn’t healthy:

Here’s another misconception that veganism isn’t healthy. But it’s quite the opposite. Veganism doesn’t lead you to malnutrition in fact a balanced vegan diet helps to boost the immune system and also promote better heart function and healthier skin.


4.   Veganism is restricted to only food:

So people believe that veganism only applies to food. But one should understand that it is a way of living life. It is about using environmentally friendly products. It is also about not involving yourself in products that promote animal cruelty or damage to nature.


5.   Veganism is expensive:

Veganism is not expensive. As we can see that is something a large population doesn’t follow this lifestyle. Though we can notice that products that use vegan formula are slightly expensive as compared to animal-based products. It is because vegan products aren’t popular so when we will demand products that are cruel free the prices will automatically decrease.




There are many benefits of a vegan diet listed below:-


1.   A vegan diet is rich in nutrients:

As vegan is concentrated to plant-based diets such as vegetables, pulses, beans, etc are a rich source of nutrients. A vegan diet provides more fiber, antioxidants, etc. They are also the richer source of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium, etc.


2.   It helps you lose weight: 

    A plant-based diet helps you lose excess weight. Many people switch to a plant-based diet i.e. vegan diet from a regular diet in order to lose weight. Also vegan diet have a normal tendency to lower one’s calorie consumption which makes it real to promote weight loss without the actual need of cutting calories.


3.   A plant-based diet may reduce the chance of certain cancers:

So healthy eating has a lot to do with our health. Eating legumes can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by about 9% - 18%. And vegans generally consume legumes, fruits, and vegetables more than the non- vegans. Also, vegan diet contains more soy products which are helpful in preventing breast cancer.


4.   Improves kidney function:

A plant-based diet also helps in improving kidney function. It also helps in preventing type-2 diabetes. Also, studies have proven that a vegan diet helps in lowering blood sugar levels to a good extent and it also helps in preventing further medical issues from developing.


5.   Lowers the risk of heart disease:

A plant-based diet contains fruits, vegetables, fiber, etc which are linked to lower the risk of heart disease. And we consume these in a large amount. Studies have also proven that vegans have up to a 42% lower risk of dying from heart disease. So vegan diet benefits heart health by significantly reducing the risk of factors that contribute to heart diseases.

6.   Reduces pain from arthritis:

A plant-based diet has a positive effect on people with different types of arthritis. A vegan diet based on pro-biotic rich whole foods can significantly decrease symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.




Basically, for all vegans meat is equivalent to murder.


1.   Being vegan means being healthy:

So vegans think that being on a vegan diet means being healthy. So veganism does not guarantee good health. But if one consumes more oil-based products our body is not prone to a plant-based diet. Also, some people are advised by doctors to consume eggs and milk, etc.


2.   Being vegan damages the relationship with family and friends:

So being vegan is a big change in the lifestyle. Like any change in life, it takes a while for the immediate surroundings to get used to it. Family members might object to your choice because they might not be aware of it.


3.   It’s impossible to be vegan:

So it’s impossible to become vegan as an animal because animal products are in everything.


4.   Dairy is essential for strong bones:

Well dairy isn’t essential for strong bones but calcium is. Calcium is important  for a number of body functions, including maintaining blood pressure, muscle contraction, and blood clotting.


5.   Dairy products are essential during pregnancy:

During pregnancy, it is important to take in all the nutrients that a growing baby needs.  So being on a vegan diet means we are lacking some of the nutrients. Pregnant people need dairy and meat products. 

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