Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Sleep Is More Important Than You Think!

Sleep Is More Important Than You Think
Sound Sleep


By : Prashasti Shrivastava


One cannot attain a healthy body if he/she depends only on eating healthy or exercises. Sleep is equally important too. A good sleep is very important to for our health. Not getting enough sleep can lead to an unhealthy body and an all-day fatigue. Sadly, there are so many hurdles with natural sleep patterns. People does not always embrace the necessity for adequate sleep.  And also, after the lockdown the sleep schedule is messed up. People should make an effort to get enough sleep regularly.


Benefits of good sleep


1. Better productivity:

Sleep patterns have a direct impact on one’s health. Also, a good sleep results in higher productivity, concentration and cognition. Poor sleep has been shown to impair brain function.


2.     Decrease in weight gain risk:

When a person gets enough sleep the chances of gaining excess weight decreases. Lack of sleep is directly contributing to weight gain.


3.     Calories regulation.

Studies proves that getting a good sleep can help a person consume fewer calories during a day. When a person does not get enough sleep, it can interfere with their body’s ability to regulate food intake correctly. Good sleepers tend to intake fewer calories.


4.     Lower risk of heart disease:

A good sleep is necessary for a good heart health. If one doesn’t sleep enough it will subsequently increase blood pressure which can lead to having heart disease. Poor sleepers have a greater risk of heart disease and stroke.


5.     Good mental health:

There’s a link between lack of sleep and depression. When one does not sleep enough it leads to change in behavior i.e., irritation, anger etc. So, for maintaining a good mental health one should have a sound sleep.


6.     Good immune system:

Sleeps helps our body in many ways, it repairs, regenerate and recover. Researches shows that better sleep quality helps the body fight off infection i.e., good sleep boosts one’s immune system. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep helps to improve immune system and also help fight the common cold.  


7.     Athletic performance:

Study shows that longer sleep significantly increases mental well being, improves speed, enhances accuracy and reaction times. Less sleep leads to poor performance. Thus, longer and good sleep improves athletic and physical performance.


8.     Social and emotional interactions:

When a person doesn’t sleep enough it changes one’s behavior and one become frustrated due to small things. Therefore, sleep loss reduces one’s ability to interact with people.  Study shows that people who don’t sleep enough struggle to recognize expressions and feelings of anger and happiness and also one fails to understand important social cues.



How to get rid of sleep problems


1.     Don’t nap:

Well, we know that nap seems like a proper way to catch up on missed sleep but it’s not true. One should maintain a proper sleep schedule. Napping affects the quality of night sleep.


2.     Exercise:

One should exercise regularly for improving sleep quality and duration.  But yes, one should not exercise just before bedtime as it can have stimulated effect on the body. One should finish doing exercise 30 minutes before going to bed. One should spend more time outside and should be more active during the day.


3.     Don’t stress:

There are numerous methods of stress reduction. One should try to relax mind and body before going to bed. For example; try listening to calm music, deep breathing techniques, meditation etc. So, try reducing stress through exercise, therapy or other means.


4.     Sleeping environment:

One should make their sleep environment comfortable. The temperature, lighting, noise etc affects one’s sleep so it should be controlled. Bed should feel comfortable and calm.


5.     Wake up at the same time:

I know, its feel tempting to sleep late on weekends, especially if one had poor sleep during the weekend. However, sleeping late affects the body. So, one should always try to sleep on the same time and wake up at the same time everyday so that one’s body wakes at a consistent time.


6.     No caffeine:

Caffeine can affect one’s sleep. As the effects of caffeine can last for several hours, maybe up to 24 hours. Also consuming alcohol have the same effect on one’s body. It can lead to frequent arousals and a non- restful night’s sleep. So, one should avoid consuming alcohol, nicotine, caffeine etc before going to bed.


Sleep recommendations


The need for sleep differs from one person to another depending on their age. As a person grows older, they require less sleep-in order to function properly.

So the breakdown is as follows:


1.     Newborns (0 to 3 months):

Newborns should at least sleep for 14 to 18 hours.


2.     Infants (4 to 12 months):

Infants should sleep for 12 to 16 hours at least.


3.     Toddler (1-2 years):

11 to 14 hours of sleep is important for toddlers.


4.     Pre school ( 3 to 5 years):

10 to 13 hours of sleep is necessary.


5.     School age (6 to 12 years):

9 to 12 hours of sleep is important for them as this age group is involved in a lot of physical activity.


6.     Teen ( 13 to 18 years):

Teenagers need at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep.


7.     Adult ( 18 to 60 years):

People of this age group needs 7 plus hours of sleep.


8.     (61 to 64 years):

At least 8 to 9 hours sleep is necessary for people of this age group.


9.     (  65 years and after ):

People of this age group needs comparatively less sleep . 7 to 8 hours of sleep is sufficient for them.


As well as with the numbers of sleep hours the quality of sleep also matters. 




Along with the nutrition and exercise, good is also very essential for a healthy body. Sleep is a vital component of every person overall health and well being but its often neglected. You cannot achieve good health without taking care of your health.

Hey, I am Prashasti Shrivastava currently persuading economics with management from Institute for Excellence in Higher Education from Bhopal. And also has a keen interest in writing . So if you like my work please leave a commentJ .