Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Maintaining Correct Body Postures



By: Shreya Singh


The very first impression that we get from an individual is gathered from how he/she stands, sits, and walks. It's very important to have a posture in which the whole body weight falls on both feet without any effort and the entire body appears to be in a vertical line.

Balancing of body in an accurate and correct manner while standing, sitting, reading or doing any type of work is known as correct body posture. Posture is dynamic as it varies according to the type of work done by the body.

When the body is held without any sense of effort that is actually the correct posture. With the help of correct posture, our bodies perform and function more effectively. Correct posture is considered as the physiological balance of the body.

Posture is not only the physical appearance of that individual but also it reflex attitude and emotion.


    Standing is one of the most common activities that improve the human race from quadrupeds (4-legged) to bipeds (2-legged).
    Standing helps in static and dynamic position of the body.
    Standing is a position in which the body is held in an upright position, balancing on feet.
    While standing feet should be apart 4 to 6 inches roughly.
    The organ-like shoulders, hips, and knees will be on an imaginary straight line.
    The center of gravity should be with the center of feet.


    Sitting is the most common activity in which we spend our daily time.

    While sitting the backbone should be straight and the natural curve should be visible.

    Head and shoulder should be in straight line.

    When you sit your legs should touch the ground and should not be in a hanging position.

    Your thighs should be in a horizontal position while sitting.


Correct posture plays a very vital role in every person’s life. It helps to enhance the individual personality. Correct posture also motivates one and boosts our energy level. The correct posture is always appreciated in society.

PERSONALITY: The image of a good personality depends on correct posture. In fact, physical appearance also depends on the correct posture of the individual. The outlook of an individual mostly depends on their posture.

GRACE AND EFFICIENCY OF MOVEMENTS: Physical posture play a very vital role in the field of sports and games. Sports and games involved various types of movements such as walking, running, jumping, etc. Correct posture helps us to attain grace as well as the efficiency of movements.

PHYSICAL FITNESS: Physical fitness is essential to living a happy life. Physical fitness of the body can also be achieved by correct posture. Body balance, flexibility, and coordination all can also be attained by having a correct posture.

HEALTH VALUE: Correct posture is important not only for physical appearance but also for health. Correct posture maintains the physiological balance of the body and improves health status. Correct posture prevents low back pain, neck strain, constipation, diarrhea, disturbance in blood circulation, irritation, etc.

MENTAL ATTITUDE: Correct posture motivates you, build your self-confidence, and make you feel happy and determined. Correct posture also helps in blood circulation which keeps our mind energetic and protects us from unwanted stress and tension.



    Sometimes bad posture appears because of major accidents.

    Bad posture appears due to a lack of proper nutrition, over diet, under diet etc.

    Many diseases and sickness causes bad posture. Sometimes improper and wrong treatment leads to bad posture.

    Wrong postural habits like sitting, standing, laying down also leads to bad posture.


KNOCK-KNEES:  This is a major deformity that is caused by a bad postural habit. In this deformity, the legs are bent inward and the knees strike each other while walking or running. Knees overlap or touch while standing. Due to this, the is a gap developed between ankles which keeps on increasing with time. This deformity can be treated by horse riding, performing padmasana and gomukhasana, use walking calipers, etc. 

BOW LEGS: It is also a postural deformity that is nearly opposite to knock knees. In this deformity, the legs are bend outside. There will be a gap between the knees while standing. In bow legs, the pressure is created over the lateral edges of the feet. This deformity can be treated by taking vitamin D in your diet, one should walk by toes inward.

FLATFOOT: It is an abnormal condition of the foot in which the arch of the foot collapses or damages. The entire sole of the foot comes in contact with the ground because of which the foot looks completely flat. In a flat foot, the inner curve bulges more than normal. This can be treated by walking on toes and heels, jumping on toes, skipping, and performing vajrasana.

ROUND SHOULDERS: This deformity can be due to heredity, standing and sitting in a bent position, wearing tight clothes. In this deformity, the shoulder became round and seems to bent forward. This deformity can be treated by performing chakrasana and dhanurasana. 


    To maintain a good posture keep an eye on the way you stand or sit while doing any work.

    Maintain a proper diet to have the energy in the body.

    Do exercise, yoga daily to maintain good health and correct posture.

    Wear comfortable clothes and footwear.

    Make sure your weight is correct in order of your height.

     While sitting or standing keep a correct touch with the ground and maintain a correct posture

This article is contributed by Shreya Singh, Who is a 3rd Year Engineering Student in Information Technology. The author has a keen interest in  Baking, Coding, and playing badminton.